Nahal Brigade exercise
Nahal Brigade exerciseIDF Spokesman's Unit

An IDF officer was assaulted by three Arab terrorists last Tuesday, but succeeded in fighting them off – despite a safety measure that caused his gun to be unusable, reports Israel Hayom.

The incident took place near Latrun, during a Nahal Brigade exercise in which company commanders rehearsed solo navigation skills. For safety considerations intended to avoid accidental shootings, the officers' guns were fitted with the devices that make firing them impossible.

The officer says that three Arabs ambushed him. One of them served as lookout and the other two assaulted him. He succeeded in punching one of them, cocked his weapon and threatened to shoot the assailants – but he could not actually discharge any bullets because of the safety mechanism.

The attackers fled and the officer was evacuated to Kaplan Hospital, where he was treated for internal hemmorhaging in his head. He does not remember all of the details of the incident because of the effects of a concussion he is suffering from.

The IDF Spokesman confirmed that the officer “was attacked in the course of a navigation exercise, acted as was expected of him, overcame his three attackers and as a result, they fled. A complaint has been filed with the Israel Police and Border Guards.”