Demolished home in Yitzhar
Demolished home in YitzharFlash 90

The joint headquarters of the grassroots nationalist groups harshly condemned Wednesday the reported new policy of the IDF's Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, to rapidly demolish homes in Jewish communities where residents behaved violently.

"The Civil Administration has adopted the Price Tag doctrine,” said the HQ in a press statement, which compared the IDF's new policy to that of Jewish extremists accused of carrying out nationalist vandalism against Muslim targets in revenge for terror attacks.

The use of enforcement measures against ordinary law-abiding citizens in response to violent actions by their neighbors “is a Price Tag action,” the HQ determined.

While the new policy – which is already being implemented on the ground – is meant to put pressure on the population that allowed “stray weeds” to spring from it, it will only wind up “hurting ordinary citizens without giving them a chance to take legal action against the demolitions,” the activists added.

"The policy, which reflects the thinking of Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, is the result of the system's weakness,” they said. “The law enforcement establishment in Judea and Samaria cannot cope with a handful of youths who spray graffiti on cars and homes, and so it tears down the homes of citizens whose only sin is settlement of the land.”

Having said all of this, the HQ called on the Civil Administration to enforce its new policy against all of the residents of Judea and Samaria. “On the eve of the Pesach holiday, Lt. Col. Baruch Mizrahi H”yd was murdered and the murderers' tracks led to te village of Idna. We trust that the Civil Administration has already mapped out the dozens of illegal homes in the village and that they will be torn down under the cover of darkness in the coming days,” the statement adds sarcastically.

The HQ added that the only violence at Kida, where the home of a prominent activist was razed, was carried out by Administration inspectors, who did not let the family take its belongings from the house, and would not allow the Deputy Head of the Binyamin Regional Council file a motion againt the demolition with the High Court.