Судно Klos-C
Судно Klos-CFlash 90

The arms ship Klos C, which Israeli naval commandos intercepted in the Red Sea Thursday, docked in the port of Eilat on Saturday.

Cranes at the port will soon begin offloading the containers from the ship, and IDF Engineering Corps combat explosive experts will begin examining the deadly cargo from up close.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will hold a news conference to sum up the operation on Monday.

Iran’s foreign minister on Friday once againsharply rejected Israel’s claims that Tehran tried to ship missiles to Hamas-run Gaza, calling it a “lie,” AFP reported.

The Klos C carried dozens of long-range B-302 missiles. The weapons, made in Syria under Iran’s directives, were being taken to Sudan, where they would be then taken to the Sinai Peninsula and smuggled to Gaza through the underground tunnels.

On Thursday, Zarif suggested oh his Twitter account that it was no coincidence that the interception of the ship took place just as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was on a trip to Washington, .

On Friday, according to AFP, he went with a similar claim.

“Netanyahu is in Washington... and all of a sudden as a godsend, they capture a ship from Iran with missiles. Just a coincidence?” Zarif said during an official visit to Jakarta.

“If Netanyahu is a saint and can produce miracles I believe the Israelis themselves will be amused by that,” he added.

“So if you cannot believe in miracles by Netanyahu, the only thing that you can believe is that this is a lie. And it is a lie,” declared Zarif.