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French cleaning and hygiene company IPC-Sa has recalled a line of products named Cyclone B after severe backlash from European Jewish organizations. Cyclone B sounds similar to Zyklon B, the deadly chemical used by the Nazis to kill thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. 

The product had been used by none other than the janitorial staff of the European Parliament, who ordered the staff to stop using the product soon after the news broke. 

The matter was brought to the attention of European Jewish Association director Rabbi Menachem Margolin, who expressed horror in a German television interview Monday about the casual use of a term openly associated with the mass genocide of Jews during the Holocaust. 

"This is great ignorance at best and hutzpah and a Guiness World Record for cynicism and evil at worst," Margolin stated. "Certainly, this is the filthiest name that could be given to a hygiene product." 

The news follows disturbing reports earlier this year that anti-Semitism has skyrocketed in France in particular, and across the European Union in general.