Vigil at Gush Etzion T-junction
Vigil at Gush Etzion T-junctionWomen in Green (courtesy)

Unidentified Arabs threw a buring object early Sunday afternoon at Jewish activists protesting the securiity situation at the junction known as “Tzomet Ha-Ti” [the T-junction] in the Etzion Bloc, south of Jerusalem.

The activists – residents of the Etzion Bloc communities and members of 'Women in Green' – were rebuilding a lean-to destroyed just before the Sabbath, when a truck driven by an Arab aproached them and the burning object was thrown at them from the window.

The fire was put out and and construction of the lean-to at the junction between Tekoa and Efrat continued.

The lean-to, which is being used for a daily vigil at the location, was attacked Friday by Arabs in an attempt to prevent the ongoing demonstration, Women in Green said earlier.

Friday, fifteen minutes before the daily afternoon service held there, some 40 Arabs arrived at the site of the vigil and destroyed the lean-to.

The organizers of the vigil – which started after Arabs threw a molotov cocktail at the car of the Khoury family – announced that it is their intention to continue the vigil in the coming days calling for a Jewish presence at the site.

The vigil demands that security forces make their presence felt on the area's roads, which have been beleaguered by rock-throwing, molotov cocktails, and other dangerous threats.