Terrorist (illustration)
Terrorist (illustration)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Left-wing leaders are trying to conceal the real motives of a vicious murder last week, Jordan Valley regional council head David Elhayani has accused.

Arab men infiltrated a private home in the Jordan Valley on Thursday night last week and brutally murdered Sariya Ofer, a retired IDF colonel. His wife Monique managed to flee and to get help.

Sources in the military suggested Sunday that the killers were not terrorists, but rather, criminals who killed Sariya when they were interrupted during a robbery.

“I don’t understand them,” Elhayani said, speaking to Arutz Sheva. Those claiming that the attack was not a terrorist incident cannot possibly have proof for their claims, he argued, as the Shin Bet – not the army – is conducting the investigation, and at this point is keeping its findings under wraps.

“I’ve asked myself if perhaps these sources have an interest in presenting it as a criminal incident so that they are not blamed for what is happening in Judea and Samaria [Shomron] - for the series of incidents over the past month – so that fingers are not pointed at them,” he suggested.

When asked to be more explicit, he said, “Many could face blame for the incidents of the past month. It’s the PA incitement, it’s terrorist release, it’s the left-wing anarchists who come to the Jordan Valley and create false hopes and set the Palestinians against the [Israeli] populace, and it’s also the Supreme Court, which has played a part in creating the general atmosphere that allows ‘settler’ blood to be spilled.”

‘Israelis Now Second-Class Citizens’
He further explained what he sees as the Supreme Court’s role, “Those judges who sit at the top of Mount Olympus, who have never seen what it’s like on the ground. There are more than 1,000 illegally built buildings in the Jordan Valley with demolition orders issued, but the Supreme Court within hours issues orders preventing demolitions that were planned decades ago.”

“The Palestinians know they have support from the High Court… We’ve become second-class citizens, and they are first-class citizens. The Supreme Court’s behavior and irresponsibility help create an atmosphere that leads to our blood being shed,” he accused.

“This atmosphere is getting worse. Each party contributes its part,” he said.

Left-Wing Politicians ‘Closing Their Eyes’
Elhayani also responded to ministers from the Hatnua party, and to Labor party members, who, he says, have argued that now more than ever Israel needs to tighten its ties with the Palestinian Authority.

“I don’t understand those people. Is it apathy? Defeatism?... I don’t understand them. How can they take this risk, which threatens our Jewish existence?” he said.

“They are closing their eyes completely, they’re saying, ‘It’s not so bad. Murdering Jews isn’t so terrible, it happens. Accidents also happen.’ It makes me angry,” Elhayani said. “These people have no clue. They’re there with American and European management and they’ve essentially forgotten what the Israeli public wants.”

Anger over 'Criminal' Attack near Jerusalem, Too
Elhayani's outrage echoes sentiments expressed after military sources suggested that an attack on a nine-year-old girl in the yard of her family's home near Jerusalem may have been "criminally motivated." In that attack, an Arab man shot young Noam Glick in the neck, causing her serious injuries.

The very act of attempting to murder a young child proves terrorist intent, activist Aryeh Bachrach argued last week.

"Someone is trying to spread the sense that everything is OK, that there is no deterioration in security and that we can continue the negotiations [with the Palestinian Authority],” he warned.