Defaced Torah scroll
Defaced Torah scrollMateh Binyamin Regional Council

Bnei Akiva counselors who arrived at the headquarters of the group’s Shunra branch in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood in northern Jerusalem on Tuesday morning were horrified to discover that the center, which includes a synagogue, had been badly vandalized.

Arutz Sheva spoke to chapter manager Dana Amar, who said the vandalism included “destruction of property and graphic images. Even in our synagogue.”

“They opened the ark [where Torah scrolls are stored – ed.] and took the Torah scroll out of its covering. Apparently they also broke into the supply room and took things out.”

The Torah scroll had been flung to the ground.

Among the graphic images on the walls was writing in Arabic. Amar said it was not clear who had carried out the attack, but noted that construction workers doing a project in the building above may have had access to the area.

The counselors have reported the incident to the heads of Bnei Akiva in Jerusalem, but have not yet filed a complaint with police.

The counselors forwarded pictures of the vandalism to Arutz Sheva, but it was decided not to print the pictures due to their highly graphic nature.