Rock attack aftermath
Rock attack aftermathAvi Eisner

Arab “rock terrorism,” which has been plaguing residents of Judea and Samaria, has reached homes in Jerusalem.

Avi Eisner, who lives in the posh neighborhood of Abu Tor, in southern Jerusalem, told Arutz Sheva that he awoke Sunday morning to find that a rock had been thrown through his window during the night and had landed in the middle of his living room.

He called police, who told him not to move or touch the rock, and to wait for a crime scene investigative team to show up, take photos and measurements, and make observations.

Eisner said that he had not noticed any signs of increased danger, but that the security firm guarding his building had warned residents on occasion that there was a threat to their property.

Two months ago, he said, firebombs had been thrown at the building, but since then there has been quiet. Residents hope the rock attack is not a harbinger of additional, similar attacks.