Edelstein in media headquarters
Edelstein in media headquartersPublic Diplomacy Ministry

Since the beginning of the Pillar of Defense counter-terror operation, the Ministry of Public Diplomacy has been working hard to get the facts out in face of Hamas’ false reports. The PR effort, which includes a media center, has been dubbed, “Israel Under Fire.”

The diplomacy efforts are focused not only on the Western world, but on Israel’s Arabic-speaking neighbors.

“We set up this special center to show the world the unbearable reality causing suffering to four million residents,” said Minister Yuli Edelstein. “Of course it is important to turn also to the huge population of Arabic speakers, a population that has been fed a series of propaganda and lies by our enemies for years.”

Many volunteers have been helping, Edelstein said. “Together we will continue to get maximum exposure for the information, through posts on Facebook, Twitter, and video clips.”

The initiative has been helped by those Israelis living under attack, many of whom have volunteered to share their experiences on social media.