High school students (illustrative)
High school students (illustrative)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israel is the second-most educated country among OECD member countries, according to a report released on Tuesday.

The “Education at a Glance 2012” report found that Israel was second only to Canada in terms of the percentage of 25 to 64 year-olds that have reached higher education.

The report found that 46% of all 25-64 year-olds in Israel have a higher education. In Canada, which topped the list, 51% of members of the same age group reached higher education. Israel was followed by Japan with 45%.

In the United States, the report found that 42% of the adult population has a higher education. The average among OECD countries is 30%.

Israel was also high on the list of percentages of young people who graduate from upper secondary education, with a rate of more than 90%. In addition to Israel, one can find Finland, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom among the countries with a higher than 90% rate of people who graduate from upper secondary education.

The report also found that Israel ranks high in terms of the number of hours children spend in the classroom.

The number of school hours in Israeli elementary schools is 18% higher than the OECD average, the report found. The average number of school hours in Israeli high schools is 16% above the OECD average and the average number of school hours in Israeli junior high schools is six percent higher than the OECD average. However, the number of weeks of study in the Israeli school year is similar to the OECD average.