ReservistsFlash 90

Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron) are the most active reservists in Israel, according to data published by the IDF on Wednesday. The data was published ahead of Reservists’ Appreciation Day, which will be marked on Thursday.

The statistics found that while only five percent of the soldiers who are eligible for reserve duty actually perform reserve duty, the area from which most reservists come is Judea and Samaria, where 34 percent of those serving in the reserves live. In the north, the percentage of serving reservists is 29 percent, 28 percent live in central Israel, 28 percent are in Jerusalem and 27 percent live in southern Israel.

More than half of those serving in the reserves are married and 19 percent were born abroad, the statistics show. 1,200 reservists were born in Georgia, 720 in Iran, 30 in the Philippines and five were born in Bahrain.

Despite the small rate of reservists, the data found that 80 percent of them come in for reserve duty when ordered to do so.

The data also show that 14 percent of those who have been called for reserve duty this year have been women, compared to only eight percent of women reservists in 2008.

72 percent of the reservists have a post-secondary education and 91 percent of reserve commanders have a high school education.