Remains of Grad that hit EIlat (file)
Remains of Grad that hit EIlat (file)Israel news photo: courtesy of Israel Police

Remains of a two Grad rockets were found in southern Israel over the Sabbath. One may have been fired from Jordan.

Friday night, residents of southern Israel heard explosions. On Saturday morning, the remains of a Grad rocket were located in the southern Arava, not far from Eilat. Saturday evening, the remains of another 122 mm. Grad were found near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev.

It is still not clear whether the rocket found near Eilat was fired from the Sinai Desert or from Jordan. The IDF did not say where either rocket was fired from – only that it is investigating both events.

An Egyptian security official denied that the rocket was fired from the Sinai. "These are false accusations by Israel designed to harm the security situation in Sinai and influence the elections that are being held today," the official told Egyptian newspaper Al Masri al Youm.