doctors (illustration)
doctors (illustration)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Representatives of medical residents who handed in their resignations last month held a press conference Monday morning, as hundreds of residents did not show up for work.

The residents said Monday morning that each of them will make a personal decision regarding whether or not to put the resignation into effect.

"The prime minister must show leadership and place the national interest above everything else," the residents said. "Please intervene," they called out to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, "and solve this crisis."

"We are in a difficult time, and for many of the doctors this is a time of despair."

"We are fighting a just struggle for the nature of public medicine – a moral struggle that is about values. We do not have the tools for dealing with the Finance Ministry. We are doctors, and in the negotiations we were treated like criminals. After weeks of negotiations, the Finance Ministry has won again, and the doctors and the public have lost."

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said that "as the Prime Minister promised the residents in their meeting, he is now acting to find a solution. The Prime Minister asked the residents for two weeks' time [to solve the dispute] and he expects them to show responsibility."

The Finance Ministry will hold a press conference at 12:30 p.m. to address the matter.

Dr. Doron Neuman, Head of the Orthopedic Department at Rambam Hospital said on IDF Radio Monday morning that human lives are at risk. "Without the residents, we will have to shut down the emergency wards."