Influenced by Arab and leftist propaganda, the world sees Gaza as a ghetto under siege by the cruel Israeli army, but photos from Gaza continually prove the opposite.

This set of photos posted on the Hebrew news site shows the opening of a water park at Khan Younis. 
Less than a year ago, a bustling modern mall opened in Gaza City.
Egyptian journalist Ashraf Abu al-Houl wrote last year following a tour of Gaza that "A sense of absolute prosperity prevails, as manifested by the grand resorts along and near Gaza's coast. Further, the site of the merchandise and luxuries filling the Gaza shops amazed me.”.
Concerned that his initial impression of prosperity may have been misleading, “I toured the new resorts, most of which are quite grand, as well as the commercial markets, to verify my hypothesis. The resorts and markets have come to symbolize prosperity, and to prove that the siege is formal or political, not economic,” Al-Houl said.