Wounded terror victim comforted by Minister E
Wounded terror victim comforted by Minister EIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Wednesday’s terrorist bomb attack in Jerusalem detonated next to the “Blast of a Kiosk,” re-named after a 1993 suicide bombing that destroyed it.

Photo by Abir Sultan / Flash90

The kiosk owner’s brother-in-law saved dozens Wednesday by keeping them away as he called police to report a suspicious object. It blew up in the middle of the conversation.

Kiosk owner Shimshon Moshe said that he asked his brother-in-law to take his place a short time before the explosion, which killed a 59-year-old woman and seriously wounded two others, including the brother-in-law.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that Moshe's brother-in-law noticed a suspicious bag at a nearby public telephone and warned people to keep their distance as he telephoned police to report the suspicious object. It contained a four-pound bomb and exploded in the middle of the conversation.

The kiosk owner said he was saved in the 1993 bombing because he arrived late for work.

Police have no immediate leads concerning the terrorist or terrorist organization behind the explosion, the first such serious terrorist attack in the capital since the tractor and bulldozer attacks and the Mercaz HaRav massacre three years ago this month. A month ago a Jerusalem Arab municipal sanitation worker lost a hand when a pipe bomb placed in a garbage bag blew up.