Preparing Food for the Needy
Preparing Food for the NeedyKollel Chabad

If the ongoing social workers’ strike in Israel ends this week, those needy families who require food packages in order to be able to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Passover, will be taken care of in time.

INN went to see the preparation of packages at Chabad, one of many organizations dealing in Kimcha dePischa, traditional donations of food and money to the needy marked for the hefty expenses of the week-long Passover  holiday, when matza, wine and the change over to non leavened food causes household budgets to escalate.

“These food packages are going to the neediest families in Israel who are chosen by the social workers from 50 cities around Israel,” said Mendy Bloy, Chairman of Kollel Chabad in Israel. “The packages are made by Kollel Chabad  with the help of IFCJ [International Fellowship of Christians and Jews –ed.].”

Bloy stressed hopes that the social workers’ strike will end shortly, as it is they who keep records of needy families and can decide who is eligible to get the packages. “Without the packages, these people won’t have what they need to make the Pesach holiday,” he explained.

The strike is expected to continue on Tuesday; however, it was reported late Monday night after negotiations between the Finance Ministry and representatives of the social workers ended with significant progress and it.

According to reports, the Ministry of Finance has agreed in principle to raise the salary scale of the social workers employed by private organizations, one of the main points of contention for social workers. The workers claim that the government encourages private organizations to take over its responsibilities, lowers the number of its own social workers, and tries to save money on the salaries of the private employees.