Jews are as old as the Ten Commandments and as new as nano-technology, President Shimon Peres told the Jewish Agency Board of Governors on Sunday.

“I think there exists a great call for a Jewish spiritual revival and re-moralization against the dangers we face.” the President stated. “The Jewish Agency must look to bridge the Jewish world together…. We remain as old as the Ten Commandments and as innovative as nano-technology. We stand firm on our historic values while not giving up our attempt to discover a new world and build more hope. We have to be spiritually clear and keep our togetherness. Our Jewish heritage is a treasure, let’s guard it, and be together.”

President Peres’s comments on Judaism followed another warning on the Iranian nuclear threat to the world. He reasoned that a moral call by the world must be raised to help pressure governments to act against Tehran. “I think a voice of reason and responsibility should be raised on a moral level rather than inviting the Iranians as guests of honor. The world must call people by their names—dictators as dictators, and people who hang people as hangmen. Second, the world must impose economic sanctions. Third, the world must install advanced anti-missile defense systems to protect countries in dangerous situations.”

He reminded the Jewish Agency officials that Iran also threatens Arabs, who he said “are being challenged by the Iranian desire to establish a non-Arab hegemony over the Middle East as it was for 400 years under the Persian Empire….

“I don’t think [Iran presents] a problem or danger simply against Israel. It’s against the whole world. Having imperialistic ambitions and a nuclear bomb is a very dangerous combination because a single bomb today is like a whole army in other times…. I am afraid the world is moving too slowly towards facing the problem.”