Motorcyclist killed
Motorcyclist killedIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An Arab driving a stolen car and wildly trying to evade police made a sharp U-turn, crashing into a Jewish motorcyclist and killing him. It happened Thursday morning on Highway 60 between Givat Assaf and Migron, in the vicinity of Beit El and Psagot.

Magen David Adom emergency medics arrived quickly on the scene, but were left with no choice but to declare the death of the cyclist. The victim was identified as 25-year-old Shmuel Kenar of Jerusalem. Kenar was killed exactly seven years after the death of his father.

Shmuel Kenar was a student of architecture at the university center in Ariel. He was a graduate of the Atzmona mechina and served in the IDF paratroops. He was laid to rest late Thursday afternoon.

The police caught the Palestinian Authority Arab, a resident of Ramallah, as well as another Arab car thief in another stolen car; the two were apparently working together.

Two days earlier another accident was caused by an Arab ambulance driver who hit an oncoming car near Beit El. A passenger was trapped in the overturned car, and was finally evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital, but was not seriously hurt. A Traffic Police officer told Israel National News that although the ambulance was on its way to another accident, “he still has no authority to drive wildly or to hit another car... It appears that we will put him on trial.”

Beit El security officer Menachem Tzur said the ambulance driver sounded his siren against the guidelines, and that “this is not the first time that Palestinian Authority ambulance drivers take advantage of their position to carry out dangerous overtakings and pass through checkpoints, even when not on urgent missions.” The driver said that the ambulance did not stop after the accident to offer help to the injured.

The accident scene to which the ambulance was headed was near the Arab village of Sinjil, adjacent to Shilo - where Arabs had hurled rocks at Israeli cars in two incidents the night before.

Asked what measures the police are taking against reckless driving habits on Judea/Samaria roads, the officer said, “Just yesterday [Monday], we had a special blitz on Highway 60, between Eli and Adam, in which we gave out 150 tickets and revoked 12 licenses.”

In response to a specific question he acknowledged that most of the tickets were to Arab drivers, “but Jewish drivers are also not entirely innocent; they barely ever drive with seat belts within their communities, and often drive with too many children in the car, and sometimes too fast as well.” He conceded, however, that on the highways, Arab drivers often pass cars with total recklessness.

Other recent cases of Arab violence against Jews – not including outright terrorism - include:

* A stabbing murder in a Jerusalem hostel

* A gang murder by five Israeli Arabs of a man in the presence of his wife and daughter at a beach in northern Tel Aviv

* An armed robbery of a Postal Authority office in an Arab town in the Galilee

Also this week, a gang of 15 hooded Christian youths attacked a Jewish teenager in the Old City, beating him for no apparent reason.