Moshe Avitan of Shvut Rachel in Samaria was very critically wounded by a terrorist bullet in his head 17 days ago – and has returned to his daily Talmud class.

Moshe, father of five, spoke with Arutz-7’s Uzi Baruch on Thursday and recounted what happened:

“We – my wife and I – drove out of Shvut Rachel southward towards Kokhav HaShachar.  At one point, a car came close to us and passed us; he had no lights on, because we didn’t see a thing. They opened fire at us, and the first shot hit me in the head. 

"I immediately became blinded - but miraculously, I was able to stop the car on the side of the road, without overturning; my wife even thought I was able to see… My wife was afraid that the terrorists would come back and ‘confirm the kill,’ so she said we should run away; but I explained that I was in no condition to do that…

“So she got out to take over the driving, and I pushed myself over to the passenger seat. Then another miracle happened, because usually there is no reception in those areas, but she was able to call for help, and ask the emergency medical crew to meet us at Kokhav HaShachar…

Said Goodbye to Wife

“I realized how much blood there was, and I began to realize the situation – so I said parting words to my wife, and I said Shma Yisrael [the prayer proclaiming the oneness of the G-d of Israel], and – well, I prayed to G-d that if there is to be a miracle, then He should perform it.  My wife drove, pressing on my wound and keeping contact with me, as they had told her over the phone to do, and we got to Kokhav. I was losing consciousness, then I remember the medics started treating me, and the next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital.”

An incredulous Uzi Baruch asked, “What were you thinking at that moment when you seemed to think that you would not make it?”

All is Up to G-d

Avitan: “It’s like, you realize that you have maybe another minute or two, and my wife is saying, ‘Hold on, we have five daughters,’ and the like, but really you understand that that’s it, you’re leaving this world.  I really realized that everything is up to G-d; exactly that.  You know that you are totally helpless and that you can do nothing at all. So I told Him, ‘Do what You think.’" 

Avitan is well aware of the many miracles that accompanied his recovery: “The doctors say that I am a walking miracle.  Even the whole recovery process was relatively quick...  My eyes are still not perfect, but the doctors say that this is just inner hemorrhaging, and that with G-d’s help it will be OK. “

Asked to elaborate what he means by “still not perfect,” Moshe explained, “I see very weakly, only shadows from very close…  I still need prayers; they are always helpful, and in my case, they helped me a lot.”  Moshe's Hebrew name is Moshe Refael ben Aliza Aishe.

Bullet Transversed Head

The bullet was taken out of his head only last week: “It hit right next to my temple, went through the head and the sinus areas, near the eyes, and stopped at the other end.”

“Thank G-d, thank G-d, I am getting stronger, I am back to going to synagogue and participating in the Daf Yomi [daily Talmud page] class. This is what helped me, for sure, and I believe that this is what will help me further.”