Arab MK Petitions Against Loss of Diplomatic Privileges

Arab MKs' apparent enemy-sympathies again in focus: Arab MK Zouabi petitions High Court against Knesset decision to deny her diplomatic privileges.Hillel Fendel, 3/28/2011, 5:03 PM

Planned Israeli Pro-Zionist March in Yafo Causes Controversy

Nationalist activists plan to march in Yafo with Israeli flags, to counter Muslim extremism there. Not all religious Zionist residents approve.Maayana Miskin, 2/25/2011, 11:15 AM

Police OK Limited Nationalist March in Shiloach

Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel will be allowed to march through eastern Jerusalem neighborhood demanding 'equality in enforcement'. Gil Ronen, 3/11/2010, 10:26 PM

Nationalists Lose in Court to Police, Ordered to Pay

Activists Marzel and Ben-Gvir lose court case and are ordered to pay NIS 13,000. 'We're still ahead,' the two say.Maayana Miskin, 9/9/2009, 9:40 PM

Bibi's Ministers: No Chance for Peace with PA

Senior members of Netanyahu's cabinet say there's no chance of reaching peace with the PA following accusation that Israel killed Arafat. Maayana Miskin, 8/6/2009, 7:00 PM

Zionists to March in Rahat

Southern police chief gives permission for Zionist activists to hold a march in the Bedouin city of Rahat.Maayana Miskin, 7/23/2009, 7:13 PM