Incitement: The Engine Driving Global Terrorism, Part II

Teachers within the PA teach their students that territory delineated by former British Mandate – from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean– is theirs. They say Israel is land that was “stolen” from the Arabs in 1948. Eli E. Hertz, 10/14/2015, 7:53 AM

US Hiding Report on Radical Saudi School Textbooks

Pressure on Obama, ahead of Saudi trip, to reveal extensive report on traditionally anti-Semitic textbooks kept under wraps since 2012.Ari Yashar, 3/25/2014, 6:38 PM

Hamas is Brainwashing Youngsters - It's in the NY Times

Kids are brainwashed, writers fear for their lives, Israeli books are banned. Peace?Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 11/6/2013, 6:41 AM

Knesset Review Reveals: Israel Does Not Exist in PA Textbooks

Knesset review of PA textbooks used in UNWRA schools confirms: Jewish rights never acknowledged.Rina Tzvi , 6/25/2013, 8:46 PM

Ministry Seeks 60% Support for Textbook Lending

If 60% of parents agree to rent, rather than buy, children’s textbooks, schools will open lending programs.Maayana Miskin, 6/19/2013, 3:10 PM

Piron: More Kids to Get Textbooks from School

A program that would allow children to receive textbooks from schools and return them at the end of the school year will be expanded David Lev, 5/26/2013, 8:38 PM

Report: Comparative Study of PA and Israeli Textbooks

The writer says that In times of war, textbooks should promote nationalism rather than peace. Ted Belman, Israpundit, 2/8/2013, 2:23 PM

Jerusalem Arabs 'Expel' Israeli Textbooks

Arab schools in Jerusalem refuse to use Israeli-revised textbooks that omit Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, PA officials announce. Chana Ya'ar, 9/8/2011, 2:34 PM

Ministers Approve Digitalized Textbooks Bill

A law that would provide students with a digital alternative to standard textbooks is making its way through the Knesset.Maayana Miskin, 7/17/2011, 6:04 PM