What else is Abbas planning?

PA preparing to submit to Interpol a list of wanted Israelis who are accused of "war crimes."Dalit Halevi, 1/16/2018, 2:35 AM

'PA joining up with Hamas proves fears about joining Interpol'

PA delegate to UN anti-corruption conference attacks Israel on PA Interpol bid. Israeli delegate points out hypocrisy of joining Hamas.Gary Willig, 11/7/2017, 9:06 PM

PA acceptance to Interpol a 'double-edged sword'

Dr. Alan Baker says PA acceptance to Interpol was nothing more than a PR achievement for the PA, says it could end up harming its leaders.Shimon Cohen, 10/25/2017, 4:14 AM

Interpol and when terrorists become the police

Can you imagine Palestinian Arabs investigating the Las Vegas shooting to see if there are any connections to ISIS? Jack Engelhard, 10/2/2017, 11:59 PM

'Time to strengthen Hevron'

Collective call to PM to advance Jewish building in Hevron. 'The PA cannot incite against us while continuing to receive gestures from us.'Hezki Baruch, 10/1/2017, 12:48 PM

Shurat HaDin to Interpol: Arrest top Hamas terrorist

Human rights attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner urges Interpol to arrest Hamas terrorist Saleh Al-Arouri and have him stand trial.Ben Ariel, 9/28/2017, 4:15 AM

Rivlin: Interpol decision harms fight against terrorism

Israeli president speaks with Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations about range of issues facing Jewish world.Gary Willig, 9/27/2017, 11:04 PM

European Jewish Congress decries PA acceptance into Interpol

'PA must cease incitement and support for terror before being allowed to join international police organization.'Gary Willig, 9/27/2017, 6:01 PM

Palestinian Authority wins bid to join Interpol

Despite Israeli efforts, Interpol approves Palestinian Authority's bid to join international police commission.David Rosenberg, 9/27/2017, 12:13 PM

PA bid to join Interpol likely to succeed

International Police Organization allows PA bid for membership to go to vote which could allow PA to issue arrest warrants for Israelis.Gary Willig, 9/25/2017, 5:38 PM

Will the Palestinian Authority be able to arrest IDF officers?

Israeli, US, diplomats push for Interpol to delay vote, reject PA request for membership.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/23/2017, 10:19 PM

173-man ISIS team headed to Europe

Report warns easier for non-European operatives to slip into continent than for European members of terror group.Mordechai Sones, 8/2/2017, 12:25 PM

Netanyahu: We foiled Palestinian attempt to join Interpol

Prime Minister Netanyahu said Tuesday that Israel had prevented the Palestinians from joining InterpolYoel Domb, 11/8/2016, 11:43 AM

PA to protest delay in Interpol application

PA government will protest against a delay in its application to join Interpol at the body's annual conference next week.Elad Benari, Canada, 11/4/2016, 8:51 PM

PA to Submit Request to Join Interpol

Official says the PA has enough votes to be accepted as a full member of the International Criminal Police Organization.Ben Ariel, 1/4/2015, 5:00 AM

Joining ISIS from Seaside Resorts on Cruise Ships

Interpol reveals foreign jihadists increasingly get to Syria and Iraq by cruise ship; Tunisia's tourist paradise of Sousse a main source.Ari Yashar, 11/7/2014, 8:59 AM

Jihadists Using Cruise Ships to Reach Syria, Warns Interpol

Interpol says jihadists have been travelling on cruise ships to reach Middle East, recommends passenger lists be checked.Ben Ariel, 11/7/2014, 4:13 AM

Ya'alon Says Turkey Doesn't Want Normalization

Defense Minister denounces 'political' court ruling asking Interpol to arrest Israeli military; FM sources downplay request.Ari Yashar, 5/28/2014, 3:02 PM

Erdogan Backs Compensation Despite Interpol Request

Israel appeals Interpol to ignore Turkish court arrest warrants, Erdogan says compensation talks continue despite ruling for 'martyrs.'Ari Yashar, 5/27/2014, 8:04 PM

Turkish Court Orders Interpol Arrests Over Mavi Marmara

Court to ask Interpol to issue arrest warrants for several top-ranking IDF officials. The crime? Defending Israel.AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/26/2014, 6:56 PM

Palestinian Authority Applies for Membership in Interpol

PA officials say the forms and preparations are ready, but still need PLO, member state approval.Tova Dvorin, 4/27/2014, 2:22 PM

Authorities Baffled at Malaysian Airplane Disappearance

No debris, fake passports, anxious relatives. Crisis deepens as investigation into disappeared flight leads nowhere.Tova Dvorin, 3/10/2014, 3:59 PM

Ukraine Asks Interpol to Arrest Yanukovych

Interpol studying a request by Ukrainian authorities to issue an international wanted persons alert for the arrest of ousted president.Elad Benari, 3/7/2014, 2:15 AM

Interpol Alert: Al Qaeda Linked to Jail Breaks

There were prison breaks across nine nations in the past month, and Al Qaeda is suspected of playing a role.Gil Ronen, 8/3/2013, 9:30 PM

Interpol President: 1,000 Cyber Attacks Per Minute in Israel

Cybercrime a central topic of discussion, as the Israel Police hosts the three-day International Interpol Convention.Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 5/9/2012, 5:44 AM

Israel Police to Host Colleagues at 41st Interpol Conference

For the first time ever, Interpol will hold its annual convention in the Jewish State. The gathering will be held next month in Tel Aviv. Chana Ya'ar, 4/2/2012, 9:28 PM

Interpol Issues 'Red Notice' for Qaddafi

The international police organization Interpol has issued a worldwide "red notice" for former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.Chana Ya'ar, 9/11/2011, 3:11 PM

ICC Seeks Red Notice for Qaddafi

The International Criminal Court asked Interpol to issue Red Notices for Muammar Qaddafi for alleged "crimes against humanity."Gabe Kahn., 9/8/2011, 8:22 PM

Interpol Hunting for Hariri Murderers

Formal alerts have been issued by Interpol for the suspected assassins of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.Chana Ya'ar, 7/14/2011, 12:15 PM