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INTO THE FRAY: To B. Yaalon; cc: Dore Gold; Re: Security imperatives

What are the political ramifications of the security prescription authored by the former Defense Minister and the current Director-General of the Foreign Ministry? Dr. Martin Sherman, 8/19/2016, 6:18 PM

Israel to join US, UAE, Pakistan in Red Flag

The Red Flag exercise, in existence since 1975, will bring the cold-shoulder nations together for air force exercises in Nevada.Rachel Kaplan, 8/10/2016, 1:22 PM

'Arabs believe all of Israel is a settlement'

Former Defense Minister warns Israeli retreat from Judea and Samaria could lead to massive regional destabilization.David Rosenberg, 7/27/2016, 9:13 PM

'Yaalon is bitter, so he's lashing out'

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan responds to ex-Minister Moshe Yaalon's comments denigrating Religious-Zionist leadership.Shai Landesman, 7/21/2016, 2:04 PM

Yaalon: Religious sector encouraging 'extremism'

Former defense minister lashes out at religious-Zionist sector in response to controversial remarks about homosexual by Rabbi Levinstein.Uzi Baruch, 7/20/2016, 3:43 PM

'Bogie party' beginning to take shape

Reports say former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon is starting his own party and has already reached out to several figures.Ben Ariel, Canada, 7/9/2016, 1:52 AM

Yaalon joins US think tank

Former Israeli Defense Minister finds new job at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.JTA, 7/8/2016, 6:27 AM

'Shabak and Mossad chiefs turning leftist'

Coalition chairman suggests leaders of security establishment being driven towards the left. Ex-Defense Minister Yaalon blasts 'incitement'.Uzi Baruch, 6/25/2016, 9:36 PM

Bennett blasts 'self-flagellating' ex-generals

Jewish Home leader criticizes former defense ministers for attacking gov't at Herzliya conference, challenges them to put up or shut up.Ari Soffer, 6/19/2016, 12:04 PM

Livni: 'Gov is doing what YESHA Council wants'

Tzipi Livni calls on Israeli leaders to listen to complaints, particularly from Ya'alon, Barak.Hezki Baruch, 6/18/2016, 9:04 PM

Likud: They don't have minimal respect for the PM

Coalition head attacks Ya'alon, Barak for criticizing Netanyahu now, but keeping silent while in government.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/17/2016, 11:05 AM

Likud blasts 'frustrated' Barak and Ya'alon

Likud party issues statement criticizing former Defense Ministers following their remarks against Netanyahu at the Herzliya Conference.Elad Benari, 6/17/2016, 2:14 AM

Netanyahu brushes off Ya’alon’s attack

Prime Minister pooh-poohs ex-Defense Minister’s claim that Iran is not an existential threat.Hezki Baruch, 6/16/2016, 9:17 PM

Ya'alon declares he’s running for PM

Ex-defense minister announces that ‘Israel needs a change of direction and new hope.’Yedidya Ben-Or, 6/16/2016, 5:34 PM

Israelis prefer gov't with Liberman over Herzog

However, majority believes Ya'alon was better suited to be Defense Minister than Liberman.David Rosenberg, 6/6/2016, 6:39 PM

Ya'alon and Liberman finally meet

Despite political controversy over Ya'alon's replacement, the former defense minister met his successor to show him the ropes.Ido Ben-Porat, 6/2/2016, 1:13 PM

Despite controversy, Ya'alon and Liberman to meet

Liberman sworn in as Defense Minister at grand ceremony; Ya'alon confirms they will meet for a handover, wishes his successor luck.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/31/2016, 3:43 PM

Ya'alon-Sa'ar-Kahlon alliance could beat Likud

Poll finds that new party led by former top Likud ministers would win more seats in the next election than Likud.Elad Benari, Canada, 5/27/2016, 8:36 PM

Ya'alon praises Gabay resignation as brave move

Ya'alon praises Environmental Protection Minister's resignation Friday, says it supports his anti-Netanyahu position.Tova Dvorin, 5/27/2016, 1:38 PM

Arab MK: 'Liberman less dangerous than Yaalon'

Joint List MK gives backhanded praise to incoming Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, says he is less of a threat than Yaalon.David Rosenberg, 5/25/2016, 6:08 PM

AG to politicians: Stay out of Elor Azariya's case

Attorney General addresses soldier's case for first time, warns politicians not to 'bias the trial' - after Ya'alon made ISIS comparison.Ari Yashar, 5/25/2016, 8:25 AM

US, Egypt discuss reviving Mideast peace talks

Kerry indicated support for Egypt-brokered talks in visit earlier this month.JTA, 5/24/2016, 9:17 PM

Let’s lay off the "fascism" word in Israeli politics

The hysterical rhetoric we are constantly forced to hear is a sing of political immaturity. Douglas Altabef, 5/24/2016, 3:25 PM

Att'y: Ya'alon interfered with Elor Azariya case

Outgoing defense minister severely harmed the case by changing public perception of the soldier, attorney fumes.Tova Dvorin, 5/23/2016, 11:46 AM

Deputy Defense Min.: Ya'alon kept me in the dark

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan puzzles over Ya'alon's treatment of him, noting the enmity the latter had toward him seemingly came from nowhere.Hezki Baruch, 5/23/2016, 9:55 AM

Netanyahu: 'Enough lamenting, I control defense'

PM responds to 'self-flagellation' in media over Liberman's appointment, touts his credentials in 'taking care of security.'Uzi Baruch, 5/22/2016, 9:13 PM

'I don't get Ya'alon, Liberman will be great'

Minister Erdan tells NY conference that Defense Minister's choice to quit makes no sense, Liberman will bring 'fresh thinking.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/22/2016, 7:48 PM

Glick: I'm 'extreme' in my faith in human rights

Incumbent MK and longtime activist explains why his views are all over the political map - and why he's sad to see Ya'alon go.Tova Dvorin, 5/22/2016, 2:46 PM

'Ya'alon did great damage to Judea-Samaria'

Binyamin Regional Council member calls out Yesha Council for acting as if Ya'alon helped Jews in the region.Refael Levi, 5/22/2016, 1:54 PM

Dept. Defense Minister, staff told to leave office

Ben-Dahan's tenure technically expires with Yaalon's departure, but expected to be extended. So why are he and his staff being booted out?Hezki Baruch, 5/22/2016, 1:26 PM

'Ya'alon leaving won't affect US aid to Israel'

Washington to give Israel 'the biggest aid package in US history' regardless of who replaces Ya'alon.Tova Dvorin, 5/22/2016, 9:07 AM

Ya'alon to skip farewell ceremony in his honor

Former Defense Minister reportedly to skip ceremony in Tel Aviv with top generals in attendance, out of disgust with Netanyahu.Tova Dvorin, 5/22/2016, 8:30 AM

Moshe Ya’alon’s public trashing of Netanyahu harms Israel worldwide

Moshe Ya'alon should not have spoken to world media against Netanyahu and the IDF. Ronn Torossian, 5/22/2016, 7:16 AM

A "Liberals in the Likud" member writes the outgoing Defense Minister

The "Liberals in the Likud" is a faction of Likud members within the Likud Party, that promotes individual freedom and free markets. This is an open letter to Min. Moshe Ya'alon from one of its members, sent to Arutz Sheva. Noam Rotem, 5/22/2016, 7:01 AM

IDF generals who Nazify the Jews: What are they talking about?

One of the reasons Netanyahu replaced Defense Minister Ya'alon was his support for General Yair Golan's egregious comparison of developments in Israel to Nazism. Giulio Meotti, 5/21/2016, 9:12 PM

Barak blasts 'fascist' government

Former Defense Minister says the government is "showing signs of fascism", warns against Liberman being appointed Defense Minister.Elad Benari, Canada, 5/20/2016, 10:31 PM

Netanyahu responds to Ya'alon

PM says Ya'alon should have taken Foreign Ministry, rejects claims of confidence crisis and Likud 'extremism,' renews unity govt. offer.Hezki Baruch, 5/20/2016, 3:00 PM

Zionist Union offers Ya'alon, Levy-Abekasis spots

MKs say Levy-Abekasis, in particular, belongs in the Knesset's 'social faction.'Tova Dvorin, 5/20/2016, 1:32 PM

Rivlin 'greatly saddened' by Ya'alon's departure

President says resignation is 'understandable, even appropriate,' but hopes outgoing minister will 'soon return to serve.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/20/2016, 1:23 PM

US 'looks forward' to Ya'alon's successor

State Dept. says it appreciates Ya'alon's leadership, belying a rocky relationship in which he called Kerry 'messianic.'Ari Yashar, 5/20/2016, 1:05 PM

Ya'alon vows to return and contend for leadership

After surprise announcement of 'timeout' from politics, Defense Minister attacks 'extremist minority' for taking control.Ari Yashar, 5/20/2016, 12:14 PM

MKs reel at Ya'alon resignation

Left calls for elections over upheaval; at least one right-wing MK throws support behind Ya'alon despite history with Judea-Samaria.Tova Dvorin, 5/20/2016, 11:52 AM

New MK Glick: 'I pray to sanctify Heaven's name'

Temple Mount activist gives emotional response to Arutz Sheva after Ya'alon's dramatic resignation launches his political career.Hezki Baruch, 5/20/2016, 9:57 AM

Could Jewish Home control Judea-Samaria?

Original coalition agreements gave Deputy Defense Minister Ben-Dahan control over Civil Administration; Ya'alon ignored them.Tova Dvorin, 5/20/2016, 9:28 AM

Minister Ya'alon quits, Yehuda Glick will be MK

After having his job handed to Liberman, Likud Minister resigns from politics 'due to a lack of confidence in Netanyahu.'Ari Yashar, 5/20/2016, 9:04 AM

Poll: Most Israelis support Liberman in coalition

Most Israelis support Liberman’s joining the coalition, and there's only a small gap in favor of Ya'alon as Defense Minister.Uzi Baruch, 5/20/2016, 2:13 AM

52% of Israelis prefer Ya’alon as Defense Minister

Knesset poll reveals that a majority of Israelis do not think Lieberman is suitable for his new governmental role.Shoshana Miskin, 5/19/2016, 5:20 PM

Top Likud official: 'Bad' Ya'alon harmed party

Senior official slams 'bad-hearted' Ya'alon for 'thinking he's above us all,' and 'lighting fires that are hard to put out.'Hezki Baruch, 5/19/2016, 1:43 PM

'Bibi lost his way, this is not leadership'

Outgoing Defense Minister blasts Netanyahu over deal with Liberman.David Rosenberg, 5/19/2016, 1:03 PM

Sources: Ya'alon wasn't offered Foreign Ministry

Sources close to Ya'alon reject reports he was never offered the role of Foreign Minister if Liberman joins the coalition.Elad Benari, 5/19/2016, 4:46 AM

'Liberman accepted Netanyahu's offer'

Senior officials say coalition agreement could come as early as Thursday.David Rosenberg, 5/18/2016, 8:01 PM

MK defends 'professional, responsible' Ya'alon

MK Moti Yogev 'uncomfortable' with prospect of Avigdor Liberman replacing Moshe Ya'alon as Defense Minister.Hezki Baruch, 5/18/2016, 7:37 PM

Jewish Home says Liberman talks were planned ahead

MKs celebrate possible removal of Yaalon from Defense Ministry, claim Wednesday's political drama was planned in advance.Uzi Baruch, 5/18/2016, 6:24 PM

Former intelligence chief: Let IDF officials speak

INSS head Amos Yadlin backs Ya'alon's call on IDF officers to publicly express their views.Uzi Baruch, 5/17/2016, 4:44 AM

Netanyahu to Ya'alon: The IDF answers to us

Joint statement issued after PM summons Ya'alon for dressing down, over his support for Deputy Chief of Staff's Israel-Nazi comparison.Nitsan Keidar, 5/16/2016, 2:05 PM

MKs back Netanyahu in confrontation with Ya'alon

MK Michael Oren calls to preserve the separation between the IDF and the government. Leftist MKs express support for Defense Minister.Ben Ariel, 5/16/2016, 5:44 AM

Netanyahu, Ya'alon spar over officers' comments

Netanyahu summons his Defense Minister for an urgent meeting after he called on senior IDF officers to voice their opinions no matter what.Nitsan Keidar, 5/15/2016, 11:39 PM