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Gaza policewomen trained 'in spirit of Jihad'

MEMRI translates Hamas TV report showing policewomen in Gaza undergoing weapons training and conducting military drills.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/14/2016, 5:15 AM

Second Gazan confirmed dead in tunnel collapse

Hamas authorities retrieve second body Sunday, after Egyptian flooding collapses smuggling tunnel leaving 7 trapped.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/13/2016, 2:09 PM

Body found after latest Gaza tunnel collapse

Hamas says body of Gazan found after collapse of yet another underground tunnel.Ben Ariel, 3/13/2016, 5:31 AM

Ya'alon warns Hamas: We will hit even harder

After first casualties in Gaza since October, Defense Minister Ya'alon warns Hamas against further attacks on Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/12/2016, 10:53 PM

Hamas vows retaliation for Israeli Gaza airstrikes

After IAF responds to Gaza rocket fire with airstrikes on Hamas compound, Islamist terror group warns of 'escalation.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/12/2016, 6:56 PM

IDF strikes Gaza following Hamas rocket fire

Hamas claims two killed as Israeli planes bomb four training camps in Gaza Strip.David Rosenberg, 3/12/2016, 6:50 PM

Rockets from Gaza hit Sderot

Three to four rockets from Gaza hit open regions in the city of Sderot. No injuries or damages.Elad Benari, Canada, 3/11/2016, 11:00 PM

Revealed: How Hamas exploits Gaza to harm Israel

From 'free' homes with strings attached to taxes for police calls - Hamas' tricks for fleecing Gaza, fooling world about 'Israeli blockade.'Ari Yashar, 3/11/2016, 1:26 PM

Israel rescues sick lion from Gaza

Gaza officials ask Israel to transfer ailing lion out to Palestinian zoo in Samaria, as terror enclave suffers under Hamas rule.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/10/2016, 7:11 PM

Gazan rescued from another terror tunnel collapse

After 12 die in series of collapses since January, further collapse leaves 8 smugglers buried alive; Hamas blames Egypt.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/10/2016, 1:49 PM

Anti-Israel groups planning 'women flotilla'

Freedom Flotilla Coalition announces that an all-women flotilla to Gaza will set sail in September.Dalit Halevi, 3/10/2016, 6:43 AM

Shin Bet agent killed in Gaza op. identified

Amir Mimuni was killed in possible friendly-fire incident near Gaza border Wednesday morning.Uzi Baruch, 3/9/2016, 12:53 PM

Shin Bet agent killed in Gaza

Israel Security Agency agent killed during an operation in Gaza. The incident is under investigation.Uzi Baruch, 3/9/2016, 6:57 AM

Gaza Belt towns invite Biden to Hamas 'front line'

Heads of Israeli communities bordering Gaza invite Joe Biden to see the beauty, and harshness, of life in the shadow of Hamas.Ari Soffer, 3/7/2016, 1:51 PM

Report: Hamas fully restocked its missile arsenal

Israeli assessment says terror group back at rocket total from before Operation Protective Edge, just 1.5 years later.Ari Yashar, 3/4/2016, 10:24 AM

Hamas terrorist killed in tunnel collapse

Restarting death streak after quiet month, terrorist killed and 5 others wounded in Gaza terror tunnel collapse, raising total to 12 killed.Ari Yashar, 3/3/2016, 5:50 PM

Gaza terrorist planned to kidnap in Ukraine

Gazan terrorist living in Ukraine accused of several planned attacks, including an ISIS attack in Israel using wireless aircraft.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/3/2016, 5:11 PM

Netanyahu moves to expel terrorists' families

Prime Minister turns to Attorney General to examine possibility of expelling relatives who encourage and support terror.Nitsan Keidar, 3/2/2016, 2:27 PM

Hamas commander executed for gay sex, theft

Sordid details behind execution of Mahmoud Ishtiwi in Gaza last month emerge, revealing Hamas brutality and paranoia.Ari Soffer, 3/1/2016, 5:36 PM

Hamas reveals its first 'anti-aircraft unit'

Soviet-made anti-aircraft gun spotted in Hamas military parade.David Rosenberg, 3/1/2016, 12:18 PM

Gaza uses Gush Katif lands to pay off Hamas debt

Hamas is divvying up ruins of Jewish communities to settle debts for unpaid wages for tens of thousands of employees.Dalit Halevi, 2/29/2016, 10:23 PM

Mengistu's family to world: Make Hamas free him

Family of mentally ill Israeli held nearly 1.5 years by Hamas goes to Geneva to demand aid to Gaza be conditioned on his release.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/29/2016, 9:51 PM

Hamas emulates ISIS beheadings in Gaza propaganda

Hamas in Gaza continues to incite, inspire attacks in Israel with public simulations, including beheadings and suicide bombings.Ari Soffer, 2/29/2016, 2:10 PM

IDF official: no negotiations on a Gaza seaport

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories stresses that a Gaza seaport isn't on the agenda in talks with Turkey.Ido Ben Porat, 2/28/2016, 4:01 AM

3 Palestinians cross Gaza fence under cover of fog

State of emergency declared in communities near Gaza this morning, after reports of three figures crossing fence. All three captured.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/27/2016, 8:54 PM

Dichter: Gaza port wouldn't stop tunnel threat

Avi Dichter: All those working for a port in Gaza or other forms of making it separate are repeating same mistake as Oslo.Hezki Baruch, 2/27/2016, 7:36 PM

Jewish Home Minister calls for Hamas seaport

Ariel announces he will support establishment of seaport in Gaza terror enclave, if it comes up for a government vote.Hezki Baruch, 2/24/2016, 11:51 AM

'We heard explosions and Hamas battle cries'

Gaza Belt residents record 'intensive' Hamas training just over the border, as Netanyahu tries to placate regional heads who demand answers.Ari Yashar, 2/24/2016, 10:36 AM

Gaza 'Feminist revolution' - women ride bikes

What constitutes a 'social revolution' in the Islamist terror enclave of Gaza? Four women and their bicycles.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/22/2016, 7:12 PM

'Hamas building tunnels, we're prepping next war'

Ya'alon takes tour of USS Carney taking part in joint drill, says IDF not fooled or 'stagnant' faced with Gaza's 'unprecedented quiet.'Kobi Finkler, 2/22/2016, 6:15 PM

Hamas terror cell planned to assassinate Netanyahu

Hamas terror cell prepared huge terror attack targeting Great Synagogue, sports arena to assassinate prime minister.David Rosenberg, 2/21/2016, 3:13 PM

Hamas claims to have captured Israeli vehicle

Hamas's Ismail Haniyeh claims the group captured an underground vehicle with cameras and sensors to monitor tunnels.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/19/2016, 10:07 PM

Egypt seals off Gaza border after brief opening

Three-day opening comes to an end, as Egypt reimposes blockade on Fatah crossing.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/16/2016, 6:28 PM

A gentleman’s guide to wife-beating

PA mufti of Gaza on official TV teaches men how to 'discipline' women, instructing them to 'hit her, don't make her ugly.'David Rosenberg, 2/15/2016, 7:55 PM

Gazan with ISIS ties sanctioned by United States

Treasury blacklists three people for working for ISIS, including Palestinian accused of trying to establish a foothold for ISIS in Gaza.Ben Ariel, 2/12/2016, 5:46 AM

DFLP brags about building Gaza terror tunnels too

Communist terror group shows Hamas are not the only ones, with video of heavily armed terrorists training in a tunnel for next war.Ari Yashar, 2/11/2016, 8:02 PM

Arab dentist imprisoned for financing Hamas

Dentist admits to arranging large money transfers as well as smuggling individuals to help build up Hamas in Samaria.Shlomo Piotrokovsky, 2/11/2016, 11:36 AM

'IDF must be prepared for possible war with Hamas'

Southern Command officers warn political echelon may 'lose patience' and demand immediate action against Hamas terror tunnels.Cynthia Blank, 2/11/2016, 8:38 AM

UNRWA worried Middle East wars 'competing' for aid

UNRWA, PA urge donors to keep flow of hundreds of millions of dollars, acknowledge humanitarian disasters 'competing' for funds.Arutz Sheva, 2/10/2016, 7:24 PM

IDF: Hamas is focusing on one major terror tunnel

Security appraisal reveals over 1,000 Hamas terrorists working on one central tunnel reaching deep into Israel for a massive attack.Shimon Cohen, 2/10/2016, 9:00 AM

Hamas terrorist killed in another tunnel collapse

Death toll of Gazans killed in recent tunnel collapses up to 11 with latest incident.Elad Benari, 2/10/2016, 6:46 AM

ISIS, Taliban recruits joined Galloway Gaza convoy

Following revelations that ISIS torturer joined George Galloway's 2009 convoy, new report shows he wasn't the only terrorist aboard.Ari Soffer, 2/9/2016, 5:05 PM

New Gaza tunnel collapse brings death toll to 10

Gazan dies repairing smuggling tunnel into Sinai, raising death toll further in four total collapses in last two weeks.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/8/2016, 1:02 PM

HRW condemns Hamas execution of one of its own men

Human Rights Watch slams yet 'another extra-judicial killing by forces linked to Hamas', after senior commander killed for 'spying'.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/8/2016, 11:21 AM

Red Cross shuts down Gaza office

International Committee of the Red Cross temporarily shuts down Gaza office after angry activists attempt to break in.Dalit Halevi, 2/8/2016, 4:16 AM

Gaza: Hamas-ISIS ties tighten

'Two-state solution' supporters, take note: Intelligence sources say Hamas is supported by the Islamic State.Hillel Fendel, 2/7/2016, 4:36 PM

PA debunks Hamas cancer libel against Israel

Leading PA doctor rebuts Hamas' latest anti-Israel allegation that Israel behind rising cancer rates in Gaza.David Rosenberg, 2/7/2016, 2:25 PM

Steinitz: Egypt flooded tunnels at our request

Energy Minister reveals details about security coordination between Israel and Egypt.Elad Benari, 2/7/2016, 5:59 AM

Hamas doctors blame Gaza mental health on blockade

Hamas medical officials blame Israeli blockade for the rising number of mental health and social behavior disorders that affect Gazans.Dalit Halevi, 2/6/2016, 6:46 PM

Turkey planning $5 billion for Gaza seaport

Amid rapprochement talks with Israel, Turkish team meets with Hamas officials to plan seaport - even though Israel adamantly opposes.Ari Yashar, 2/5/2016, 10:13 AM

COGAT: Hamas building 'tunnels of death'

IDF's Yoav Mordechai evades question when asked by PA news agency if Israel is responsible for collapse of Hamas's tunnels.Ben Ariel, 2/4/2016, 6:12 AM

Yet another Hamas tunnel collapses

For the third time in a week, a Hamas terror tunnel collapses in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza.Ben Ariel, 2/4/2016, 12:46 AM

Hamas 'captured Israeli tank' revealed as fake

Gaza terror group proudly displayed what they claimed was a captured Israel Merkava tank. Closer inspection revealed something else...Ari Soffer, 2/3/2016, 12:06 PM

Hamas confirms 2 terrorists die in tunnel collapse

Second fatality identified as a local Hamas commander, bringing death toll in terror tunnel collapses over the past week to 9.Ari Soffer, 2/3/2016, 10:12 AM

Egyptian army finds rigged terror tunnel

Tunnel found in northern Sinai in which terrorists hid with explosives, arms and Egyptian army uniforms, in apparent Hamas plot.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/3/2016, 8:55 AM

Hamas: We captured Israeli intelligence agent

Hamas claims it captured an agent who provided information to Israel for 14 years.Dalit Halevi, 2/3/2016, 12:13 AM

Two 'sick' Gaza terrorists let into Israel

Hamas members let in on forged medical papers, get ambulance ride to Jerusalem hospital - before disappearing the next day.Ido Ben-Porat, 2/1/2016, 6:18 PM