Sneak peek: New Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel Aviv University will open its doors to the public for a trial period in the coming weeks.Yoni Kempinski, 5/16/2018, 4:07 AM

Watch: Jerusalem Day celebrations - in the heart of Tel Aviv

Students from 'Zeitlin' religious high school in Tel Aviv march with Israeli flags through the city, dancing in Sarona market.Hezki Baruch, 5/13/2018, 1:15 PM

Pre-military academy leader says 'world has gone dark on me'

Headmaster of pre-military academy responsible for death of 10 students in flood describes what he is undergoing.Tzvi Lev, 5/1/2018, 12:58 PM

Pompeo: Israel an 'incredibly important partner'

New US Secretary of State meets with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at IDF headquarters as US, Israel plan strategy to deal with Iran.David Rosenberg, 4/29/2018, 5:03 PM

Police raid Tel Aviv pre-military academy

Police raid academy after a hike organized by the institution ended with ten high school students dead.Tzvi Lev, 4/29/2018, 3:22 PM

Tourist from Denmark may have attempted to kidnap girl

ReshetTV reports Danish man dressed as a clown attempted to kidnap an Israeli girl.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/29/2018, 11:45 AM

Romanian president demands PM resign over Jerusalem embassy move

President of Romania angered by plans to move embassy to Jerusalem, looks to force PM to resign.AFP, 4/27/2018, 1:40 PM

School officials arrested over death of 10 teens in flash flood

Authorities launch investigation into possible wrongdoing by staff of pre-army academy which led students on fateful hike.David Rosenberg, 4/27/2018, 7:58 AM

Principal shocked: boys and girls think differently

A Tel Aviv elementary school principal discovered that first grade girls see themselves as "diligent" while boys see themselves as "smart".Gil Ronen, 4/24/2018, 12:42 AM

The future of Israel looks good

Time is on Israel’s side. Careful review of the balance of power between Israel and its foes, the domestic features of its national power, its standing in the international community, validates that assessment for the foreseeable future. A must read.Prof. Efraim Inbar, 4/23/2018, 9:17 AM

Indictment: Disabled security cameras and stabbed woman to death

Man who murdered ex-girlfriend at Tel Aviv restaurant to face trial.Arutz Sheva Staff, 4/20/2018, 11:08 AM

Furious protest against Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony

Jewish activists come to Tel Aviv to protest joint memorial ceremony for Israelis and PA Arabs; Palestinian flags burned.Mordechai Sones, 4/17/2018, 10:37 PM

Honduras votes to move embassy to Jerusalem

Honduran lawmakers pass resolution endorsing relocation of embassy to Jerusalem. Will Honduras President Juan Hernandez make the move?David Rosenberg, 4/13/2018, 12:06 PM

IDF apologizes for spooking Tel Aviv residents

Air Force says they are sorry for causing pandemonium when they practiced for flyover unannounced on Thursday.Tzvi Lev, 4/12/2018, 10:19 PM

Pandemonium in Tel Aviv after drill mistaken for aerial attack

Tel Aviv residents mistake Israeli Air Force flyover practice for aerial assault amid rising tensions with Syria.Tzvi Lev, 4/12/2018, 6:23 PM

Woman murdered in southern Tel Aviv

40-year-old woman stabbed on Tel Aviv street. Medics confirm her death at the scene. 50-year-old man, apparently her partner, arrested.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/28/2018, 7:19 PM

Netanyahu: Likud will top 40 seats next time

PM addresses Likud members in Tel Aviv, says 'witch-hunt' against him won't stop party from gaining seats. Polls suggest he may be right.Yoni Kempinski, 3/22/2018, 9:21 PM

Air India to fly over Saudi airspace to Israel

India's state-run carrier says its flights over Saudi airspace to Tel Aviv will begin March 22.Ben Ariel, Canada, 3/16/2018, 10:35 PM

Lapid's 'haredi protester' outed as secular activist in disguise

Yesh Atid rally against proposed haredi amendment to draft law features secular activist posing as a haredi demonstrator.Tzvi Lev, 3/4/2018, 3:58 PM

National theater presses charges against leftist demonstrators

Habima theater in Tel Aviv presses charges after leftist slogans projected on walls during demonstration.Tzvi Lev, 2/25/2018, 4:03 PM

Iranian official: If Israel attacks, 'we will level Tel Aviv'

Senior official threatens to destroy Tel Aviv if Israel takes military action against Tehran, following Netanyahu's words in Munich.Tal Polon, 2/20/2018, 8:53 AM

Poland demands explanation following embassy vandalism

Polish Foreign Ministry demands explanation for vandalism of its embassy in Tel Aviv.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/19/2018, 9:37 AM

Nehora: Lighting Up Tel Aviv

Rabbi Amichai Ayal went from teaching Torah in a pub to teaching in the heart of secular Israel. And the crowd is thirsty for Torah...Judy Simon, 2/16/2018, 4:06 PM

2,000 demonstrators rally in Tel Aviv demanding Netanyahu resign

Following police recommendation PM be indicted, hundreds gather at left-wing rally calling for Netanyahu to resign.David Rosenberg, 2/16/2018, 2:26 PM

Putin inherits apartment in downtown Tel Aviv

Russian President inherits apartment in Tel Aviv from his late high school teacher.JTA, 2/6/2018, 3:32 PM

Tel Aviv tragedy: Toddler killed in accident laid to rest

Two-year-old Yael Rosenfeld killed in Tel Aviv parking lot while walking with her mother. 'We can't believe it - such a terrible tragedy'.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/5/2018, 1:23 PM

Gas tank explosion sparks three fires in Tel Aviv

Three fires sparked in northern Tel Aviv from gas tank explosion leaving 4 injured, forcing evacuation of residential buildings.Mordechai Sones, 2/4/2018, 4:26 PM

'Death to Bibi' spray-painted in central Tel Aviv

Anti-Netanyahu slogans spray-painted in central Tel Aviv. Coalition Chairman: 'Now that the writing is - literally - on the wall, end it.'Mordechai Sones, 2/4/2018, 11:43 AM

Deri: Hire Palestinian Arabs, not African infiltrators

As deadline for self-deportation of African illegal immigrants approaches, Shas chief says preferable to hire PA Arabs over infiltrators.David Rosenberg, 2/1/2018, 8:10 PM

Watch: Leftists confront Ayelet Shaked in Tel Aviv

Far-left activists protesting deportation of illegal immigrants surround Justice Minister, call her 'murderer'.David Rosenberg, 1/18/2018, 7:06 PM

Watch: Trial run of 'King David' Jerusalem express train

Transportation minister participates in trial run of Tel Aviv-Jerusalem high speed train, set to open at the end of March.Hezki Baruch, 1/16/2018, 1:55 PM

Historic partnership between Tzohar and Tel Aviv Rabbinate

Agreement paves way for more couples to embrace halakhic marriages.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/15/2018, 6:06 AM

Revolutionary: 28 minutes from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Transportation Minister Katz says long-awaited express train connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will be ready before Pesach.Chana Roberts, 1/10/2018, 9:09 AM

Rabin memorial vandalized with swastika in Tel Aviv

Knife-wielding man arrested after Rabin memorial bust in Tel Aviv vandalized with swastika, 'Thank you, 6 million' written in German.David Rosenberg, 1/9/2018, 11:05 AM

An end to Israel's illegal immigration conundrum?

New plan offers infiltrators plane tickets and cash in exchange for voluntary exit, reduces sum for those staying past March.AFP, Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/3/2018, 2:28 PM

Ringo Starr to perform in Israel

Former Beatles drummer to perform in Tel Aviv on June 23.Elad Benari, 1/3/2018, 5:35 AM

Tel Aviv activists rally behind elderly Jewish 'squatter'

Activists protest demands Esther Loyan leave her home of more than 50 years: 'Retroactively legalize her home, like in Judea, Samaria.'Yoni Kempinski, 12/31/2017, 5:48 PM

'My place is not at these demonstrations'

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a prominent Religious Zionist rabbi, says that his attendance at anti-Netanyahu rally was a one time event.Tzvi Lev, 12/31/2017, 4:02 PM

Leftists protest against 'Traitoryahu'

In latest anti-corruption protest in Tel Aviv, protester carries sign branding PM a traitor and a parasite.Ben Ariel, 12/31/2017, 2:27 AM

Tel Aviv workers build world's tallest Lego tower

118-foot tower of Lego bricks in memory of child who died of cancer sets new world record.AFP, 12/27/2017, 5:53 PM

'The opposition is lying - it's good to live in Israel'

On Recommendations Law: 'Police shouldn't decide one's fate.' On Tel Aviv protests: 'We didn't see them demonstrating against Olmert.'Eliran Aharon, 12/27/2017, 5:35 PM

Haredi MK: We'll never join a coalition led by Gabbay

Former Health Minister Litzman says his party would never consider joining a coalition led by Labor leader Avi Gabbay.Ben Shaul, 12/25/2017, 2:57 PM

Complaint filed over guillotine display at leftist rally

Likud activist complains to police over mock guillotine which was displayed at leftist anti-corruption rally in Tel Aviv.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/25/2017, 4:09 AM

Guillotine-wielding demonstrator: 'I am opposed to violence'

Demonstrator holding mock guillotine at leftist rally Saturday night denies he was calling for Netanyahu's murder.Tzvi Lev, 12/24/2017, 9:34 AM

Guillotine and BDS at leftist protest in Tel Aviv

Pro-BDS protesters participate in anti-corruption protest in Tel Aviv, carry mock guillotine.Orli Harari, 12/24/2017, 1:15 AM

'Corruption is a strategic threat'

Prominent Religious Zionist rabbi speaks at leftist rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, bashes Recommendations Law.Tzvi Lev, 12/17/2017, 7:54 AM

INTO THE FRAY: A Palestinian State? What could possibly go wrong?

There is precious little reason to believe that any Palestinian state established in areas evacuated by Israel would not swiftly degenerate into a mega-Gaza overlooking greater Tel Aviv. Dr. Martin Sherman, 12/15/2017, 2:51 PM

Prominent Religious Zionist rabbi to attend leftist rally

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow comes under fire for planning to attend Tel Aviv rally on Saturday against the Likud, Netanyahu.Tzvi Lev, 12/14/2017, 10:06 PM

Uruguay summons Israeli ambassador over Jerusalem comment

Latin American government angry over Israeli ambassador's criticism of Chancellor's declaration Tel Aviv is capital of Israel.JTA, 12/14/2017, 4:05 PM

Hamas: We will liberate 'occupied Tel Aviv'

Hamas says all of Jerusalem is an Arabic, Islamic city.Dalit Halevi, 12/14/2017, 6:05 AM

Watch: Women jihadists threaten to strike Tel Aviv

In recent protest against Trump's recognition of Jerusalem, female terrorists from the Islamic Jihad threatened to "redeem Palestine".Elad Benari, 12/13/2017, 5:44 AM

Trump declared J'lm Israel's capital - but will Israel listen?

While Trump announced plan to move embassy to J'lm, over 100 Israeli gov't offices remain in Tel Aviv, relying on waivers to delay move.David Rosenberg, 12/11/2017, 12:42 PM

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against allegations of corruption

Protesters gather to demand Netanyahu resign as premier.JTA, 12/10/2017, 7:00 PM

Rocker Bryan Adams lands in Israel

Canadian rock star Bryan Adams arrives in Israel for three concerts - despite past comments accusing Israel of 'crime against humanity'.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/3/2017, 10:19 PM

Did the police support an anti-government protest?

Police sources quoted as telling the media that they were encouraged by the number of protesters who attended leftist protest in Tel Aviv.Orli Harari, 12/3/2017, 1:18 AM

'Supreme Court endangers Israel's democracy'

Tel Aviv activist Sheffi Paz is re-arrested, Im Tirtzu CEO Peleg says Supreme Court's activism endangers Israel's democracy.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/2/2017, 11:56 PM

Fires blaze in several Tel Aviv businesses

Firefighters gain control of blaze affecting several Tel Aviv businesses, police open investigation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/18/2017, 10:36 PM