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Man Sentenced to 4 Years for 'Hate Crimes'

A man from Haifa was convicted for threatening to kill Ethiopian residents and setting fires to their buildings.Kochava Rozenbaum , 9/9/2013, 9:14 PM

Haifa Launches ‘Metronit’ System

The city of Haifa has launched a special fast bus system, the Metronit, aimed at reducing traffic and commuting times.Maayana Miskin, 8/16/2013, 12:33 PM

Hareidi Soldiers Get 'Fun Day' Experience in Haifa

The city of Haifa conducted a special "fun day" event honoring hareidi soldiers, after the attacks on some of them earlier this monthDavid Lev, 7/22/2013, 10:02 PM

IDF Places Iron Dome Battery in Carmel Region

The IDF placed an Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the Carmel region near Haifa.Elad Benari, Canada, 7/5/2013, 9:56 PM

Bayit Yehudi Kicks Off Campaign in ‘Red City’

The Jewish Home picks its candidates for city council in the former socialist stronghold of Haifa.Maayana Miskin, 6/30/2013, 9:54 PM

Jaffa Youth Had 'No Reason' for Burning Holy Books

Police in Jaffa on patrol late Saturday night were stunned to find a youth setting fire to Jewish holy booksDavid Lev, 6/23/2013, 10:34 PM

Rambam Hospital: Saving Patients, Uniting People

Rambam Hospital recently performed Israel’s first-ever “crossover kidney transplant" - with the "crossovers" a Jew and an Arab from HaifaDaniela Feldman, 6/9/2013, 6:37 PM

Hebron and Brussels

, 6/4/2013, 11:06 AM

Superland Slammed Over Separate Jewish/Arab Days

The Knesset Education Committee will hold a special hearing on what some said was a “racist policy” at Israel's largest amusement parkDavid Lev, 5/30/2013, 1:48 PM

Rabbi: Boycott Bus Company for Running on Shabbat

A plan to institute a 7-day-a-week bus service in the Haifa area is set to begin this weekend, and has religious leaders up in armsDavid Lev, 5/23/2013, 4:37 PM

Peretz: Ammonia Plant Will be Gone from Haifa

"We must not accept the continued existence of the ammonia container in Haifa Bay," says Environment Minister Amir Peretz.Elad Benari, 4/19/2013, 4:12 AM

Erdan: After Texas Explosion, Move Haifa Plant

After a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is seeking the removal of a large ammonia plant in HaifaDavid Lev, 4/18/2013, 11:27 AM

Iranian Official Repeats Threats on Israel

A senior Iranian military commander reiterates that the Iranian Armed Forces are capable of razing Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground.Elad Benari, 4/16/2013, 5:46 AM

Commission to Investigate Causes of Haifa Accident

A commission will investigate the direct and indirect causes of the accident in Nesher, near Haifa.Elad Benari, 4/11/2013, 3:45 AM

Haifa’s ‘Chametz Hotline’ for Passover

Deputy mayor invites Haifa residents to report illegal sales of leavened bread.Maayana Miskin, 3/24/2013, 12:31 PM

Khamenei: Iran Will 'Annihilate' Tel Aviv, Haifa

Iran will "annihilate" Tel Aviv and Haifa if it comes under attack by the Jewish state, warned supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.Rachel Hirshfeld , 3/21/2013, 6:04 PM

IDF Introduces the Elderly to Facebook

Soldiers joined the ‘Good Deeds Day’ with a visit to a nursing home, where they introduced the patients to Facebook.Maayana Miskin, 3/6/2013, 2:51 PM

Haifa: Airport Cleared for Security Reasons

Plane owners told to clear the airport for security reasons. Move may be connected to new anti-missile installation. Maayana Miskin, 2/6/2013, 4:01 PM

Haifa Mayor Nixes English on Gov't Documents

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav has declared war on the English language in official government documents.Chana Ya'ar, 12/24/2012, 5:36 PM

Heartbroken Dad Asks 'Please Color Tal's Camel'

A dad grieving for the daughter murdered in the 2003 terror attack on a bus in Haifa is asking people to color a camel in her memory.Chana Ya'ar, 12/20/2012, 5:48 PM

Haifa Jews Demand 'Equal Rights' for Hanukkah

Jewish residents of Haifa complained that the city broke its usual “holiday status quo” , showing more favor to another winter holiday.David Lev, 12/10/2012, 3:58 AM

Haifa U. Denounces Students who Mourned Jaabari

The University of Haifa denounces a group of its students who mourned the loss of Hamas arch-terrorist Ahmed Jaabari.Elad Benari, 11/16/2012, 4:43 AM

Gas Leaks Discovered Under Haifa Bay

A geophysics research team from Haifa University has discovered a series of active gas springs on the sea floor under Haifa Bay.Hana Levi Julian, MSW, LCSW-R, 11/8/2012, 2:04 PM

Chassidic Community Shocked: Sabbath Gentile a Jew

The Seret-Vizhnitz community in Haifa was appalled to find that its long-term “Sabbath gentile” is actually a Jew.Maayana Miskin, 10/19/2012, 12:44 PM

Ben-Ari on Iran: Ready to Fight? Hit Gaza

MK Ben-Ari says that if the government is ready to fight enemies, it should start in Gaza. “We have bigger problems” than Iran.Maayana Miskin, 9/3/2012, 3:12 AM

Indian Warships Visit Haifa, Mark Diplomatic Ties

Four of India’s top naval warships docked in Haifa this week as part of a four-day visit to Israel to celebrate 20 years of diplomatic ties.Rachel Hirshfeld , 8/7/2012, 5:04 PM

Giving Lone Soldiers a ‘Home Away from Home’

The Haifa group ‘People in Blue and White’ gives lone soldiers a ‘home away from home’ for Sabbath leave.Maayana Miskin, 8/2/2012, 4:43 PM

Firefighters Work to Prevent Haifa Chemical Fire

A dozen firefighting crews worked for long hours Thursday morning to prevent what could have been a major chemical fire in HaifaDavid Lev, 6/21/2012, 12:26 PM

‘Red City’ Pleased by Religious Influx

Yona Yahav, mayor of Haifa, says the “red city” is a mixed city in which religious are welcome with open arms.Maayana Miskin, 5/4/2012, 10:58 AM

Google Officially Launches Street View in Israel

Google officially launches "Street View", showing imagery from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 4/23/2012, 12:15 AM

Patriot Battery Deployed Near Haifa

For the first time since the 2006 Lebanon War a Patriot anti-missile battery was deployed near Haifa; IDF on Passover alert.Gabe Kahn, 4/9/2012, 10:50 PM

Haifa 'Lynch' Suspects Turn the Tables

The Arabs suspected of brutally beating two IDF soldiers in Haifa claim they were attacked by a group of 20 Jews and were fighting back.Elad Benari, 3/29/2012, 6:45 AM

Haifa Judge Releases ‘Lynch’ Suspects

A Haifa judge releases five of six suspects in the brutal beating of two soldiers to house arrest, rules that attack “not nationalistic.”Maayana Miskin, 3/25/2012, 8:11 PM

Recovering Soldier: 'It Was a Lynching'

One of the soldiers brutally assaulted by an Arab mob in Haifa over the weekend said he feared for his life as his attackers chanted 'Jew'Gabe Kahn., 2/29/2012, 8:19 PM

Judge: Haifa Attack Reminiscent of Ramallah Lynch

A Haifa judge says attack on two soldiers reminds him of Ramallah lynch. MK Ben-Ari visits the victims.Maayana Miskin, 2/26/2012, 7:04 PM

Travel Abroad to Haifa

After a nine-year suspension period, California State U. reinstated its study abroad program at Haifa U., its only program in Israel. Rachel Hirshfeld, 2/22/2012, 12:15 AM

School Sympathizes Arab 'Victims' Over Jews

A Haifar school held a panel with speakers from a leftist group - denying the father of a terror victim an opportunity to speak.David Lev, 1/26/2012, 11:21 AM

Vilnai: Iron Dome May be Deployed in Haifa

Israel considering deploying the Iron Dome anti-missile system in Haifa, to protect the oil refineries from a rocket attack.Elad Benari, 12/7/2011, 8:56 AM

Youth Bring Simchat Torah Joy to North

Youth from the Jerusalem area leave home to strengthen struggling northern communities with joy, dancing on the holiday.Maayana Miskin, 10/21/2011, 2:42 PM

Haifa: Beautiful Views, Great Education

The city of Haifa has been blessed with great views and wonderful museums. Come visit.Elad Benari, 8/22/2011, 2:24 PM

Arabs Try to Blame Jews for Bomb

Released for publication: An Arab gang from Jaffa tried to kill a sheikh – and blame it on Jewish nationalists.Hillel Fendel, 5/17/2011, 4:02 PM

Hevra Kadisha Director Murdered

Benny Hesse, 67, head of Haifa’s burial society, was shot outside his home on Sunday evening. "A truly righteous man" mourns MK Daniel Hershkowitz.Elad Benari, 1/17/2011, 12:05 AM

Mammoth Disney Complex in Haifa

Coming soon to Israel: 25 screen cinema multiplex and amusement park covering 20 acres near Haifa. Cost: $170 million.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/4/2011, 11:12 PM

Three Killed in Haifa Gas Mishap

The victims carried out maintenance work on a hydrogen sulfide gas line at the Haifa refining complex. Ten other men were hurt.Gil Ronen, 11/24/2010, 10:09 PM

Religious Can Build in Yafo

BeEmunah, which develops properties for the religious Zionist public, gets final OK for project in Jonah's city.Gil Ronen, 11/7/2010, 9:02 PM

Haifa 'Has 30% More Cancer'

A Knesset committee received worrisome data regarding the incidence of cancer in the northern port city.Gil Ronen, 10/18/2010, 10:31 PM

Holocaust Survivors' Haifa Home

A new home will help elderly Holocaust survivors live out their lives in comfort and dignity, thanks to an Israeli charity and Christian donors.Malkah Fleisher, 10/18/2010, 9:43 PM

Rel.-Zionist Housing in Jaffa

Plans for a religious-Zionist neighborhood in Jaffa (Yafo) have been approved once and for all – this time by the Supreme Court.Hillel Fendel, 3/23/2010, 4:41 PM

Congo Surgeon Training at Rambam

Rambam Hospital is training a Congolese surgeon in plastic surgery for burn treatment. He will be the first such specialist in his country.Hana Levi Julian, 2/14/2010, 11:24 PM

Rambam Hospital Security First

Haifa's Rambam Hospital has raised its security standards to become the first hospital in the world with advanced institute-wide criteria.Hana Levi Julian, 2/7/2010, 10:14 AM

Haifa's Marble 'Legacy' to Jews

Artist Soraya Nazarian unveils her tribute to the “illegal immigrants” who sailed to Israel’s shores during the British Mandate era.Hana Levi Julian, 1/14/2010, 11:45 AM

Jaffa: Jews Sue Lands Authority

BeEmunah will sue Israel Lands Authority for freezing sale of Jaffa plot intended for 20 apartments after Arabs challenged the deal. Gil Ronen, 8/7/2009, 10:11 AM

Jaffa to Receive Rel-Z Block

Plans for a religious-Zionist neighborhood in Jaffa (Yafo) have been approved once again – this time by the Tel Aviv District Court.Hillel Fendel, 6/24/2009, 5:06 PM

81-Year-Old Writes Holocaust PhD

Holocaust survivor Eliezer Schwartz recently completed a PhD at Haifa University at the age of 81 entitled "Forced Laborers in the Third Reich."Yehudah Lev Kay, 6/14/2009, 10:11 AM