Air France crew told to wear headscarves in Tehran

Female Air France cabin crew reject airline's directive that they should wear a headscarf while in Tehran.Ben Ariel, 4/3/2016, 6:31 AM

Iranian Women Fined $260 for 'Bad Hijabs'

Two women given fine worth month's salary for 'bad hijabs,' highlighting harsh Islamic law of Iran where the headscarves are mandatory.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/16/2015, 3:08 PM

US Supreme Court to Hear Islamic Headscarf Case

Federal ruling on religious garb in the workplace could affect women from all three major religions.Tova Dvorin , 10/3/2014, 12:01 PM

Iranian Headscarf Protest Head Smeared as 'Whore'

Masih Alinejad, whose campaign has 430,000 'likes,' denies Iran state television claim that she was assaulted.Gil Ronen, 6/3/2014, 10:19 AM

Top French Court Rules Dismissal Over Veil 'Discriminatory'

French court ruled that Muslim woman who was fired for wearing Islamic headscarf at work was unfairly dismissed on basis of religion. Rachel Hirshfeld , 3/19/2013, 10:10 PM