Argentinian embassies to mark 25 years since AMIA bombing

Embassies in 20 cities around the world will mark 25th anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires.JTA, 6/5/2019, 3:40 PM

Argentina asks Russia to arrest Khamenei adviser

Argentine federal judge investigating 1994 AMIA bombing asks Russia to arrest Ali Akbar Velayati, suspected of involvement in the attack.Elad Benari, 7/12/2018, 3:42 AM

Former Argentine president to stand trial for AMIA cover-up

Cristina Kirchner referred for public trial over alleged cover-up of Iranian involvement in 1994 Jewish center bombing.Elad Benari, 3/6/2018, 3:39 AM

Former Argentine FM released from house arrest

Hector Timerman is accused of covering up Iranian involvement in the deadly 1994 AMIA bombing.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/11/2018, 12:04 AM

Jewish Argentine prosecutor was murdered, judge says

Federal judge in Argentina rules that Alberto Nisman was murdered and did not commit suicide.Elad Benari, 12/27/2017, 3:34 AM

Argentina's former president denies covering for Iran

Cristina Kirchner denies covering up for Iranians accused of involvement in the 1994 AMIA bombing.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/27/2017, 5:14 AM

New DNA identified in AMIA bombing points to suicide attack

New set of DNA from victims of 1994 AMIA attack strengthens hypothesis that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.Ben Ariel and JTA, 7/5/2017, 4:43 AM

Former Argentine president faces new probe over AMIA bombing

Argentine appeals court orders new investigation into charges that former President Kirchner obstructed probe into 1994 AMIA bombing.Ben Ariel, 12/30/2016, 4:09 AM

Argentina asks Iraq to extradite ex-Iran minister

Argentina issues another extradition warrant for an Iranian ex-foreign minister over the AMIA bombing.Ben Ariel, 10/21/2016, 4:46 AM

Last AMIA victim identified, 22 years later

The only unidentified fatality of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center here named, 22 years after the attack.Ben Ariel and JTA, 8/12/2016, 2:14 AM

Argentina seeks extradition of ex-Iranian minister

Argentina asks Singapore and Malaysia to extradite former Iranian foreign minister whom it accuses of involvement in 1994 AMIA bombing.Ben Ariel, 7/21/2016, 6:12 AM

Argentine Jews: Make AMIA a 'national priority'

Argentine Jewish leaders call on the country's government to make the investigation of the AMIA Jewish center bombing a "national priority".JTA, 7/20/2016, 6:19 AM

Obama offers Argentina help in AMIA bombing probe

During his visit to Argentina, Obama offered the country help in pursuing the perpetrators of the 1994 Buenos Aires bombing.Ben Ariel, 3/25/2016, 5:30 AM

Argentina asks US: Reveal secrets of AMIA bombing

President Macri asks Obama to declassify information held by US agencies about the 1994 Jewish center bombing that killed 85.Gil Ronen, 3/22/2016, 5:39 PM

Argentina won't revive joint AMIA probe with Iran

Argentina's new government will not appeal court's decision to strike down deal with Iran over 1994 bombing of Jewish center.Ben Ariel, 12/13/2015, 6:45 AM

Kirchner: Nisman Praised Me in the Past

Argentina’s president says that prosecutor Alberto Nisman had in the past praised her for calling for justice for the AMIA victims.Ben Ariel, 3/2/2015, 5:43 AM

Nisman's Ex-Wife: He Had No Reason to Kill Himself

Ex-wife of dead Argentine prosecutor calls for independent oversight of the probe into his death.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/20/2015, 4:42 AM

Argentina: 400,000 Demand Justice for Nisman

More than 400,000 march in Buenos Aires, demanding justice for the prosecutor who was ready to accuse the president of cover-up.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/19/2015, 4:44 AM

Aide Who Gave Gun to Nisman is Fired

Diego Lagomarsino, the assistant who supplied Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman with the gun used in his mysterious death has been fired.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/10/2015, 4:42 AM

Judges Decline to Handle Nisman's Allegations

Judges in Argentina say there are "insufficient grounds" to explore the allegations by Alberto Nisman regarding the AMIA bombing.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/3/2015, 4:16 AM

Argentine Prosecutor Nisman Laid to Rest

Prosecutor who fought to expose Iran's hand in Jewish center bombing buried after apparently staged suicide.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/29/2015, 9:17 PM

Nisman 'No Longer Trusted His Own Bodyguards'

Last person known to have seen Argentine prosecutor alive says he didn't trust his bodyguards before his death.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/29/2015, 5:16 AM

Argentina to Disband Intelligence Agency

Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, announces plans to disband intelligence agency amid mysterious death of prosecutor.Ben Ariel, 1/27/2015, 3:46 AM

Reporter who Fled Argentina Arrives in Israel

Damian Pachter, who fled Argentina over threats after breaking the story of prosecutor's death, lands in Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/26/2015, 3:14 AM

Jews Call for 'Truth' Over Prosecutor's Death

Argentina's Jewish community convenes a demonstration calling for "truth and justice" in the wake of suspicious death of Alberto Nisman.Ben Ariel, 1/22/2015, 2:12 AM

No Sign of 'Others' Involved in Prosecutor's Death

Argentina says there is no indication that anybody else was involved in the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman.Ben Ariel, 1/20/2015, 3:14 AM

Prosecutor: President Negotiated with Iran on AMIA

Prosecutor investigating AMIA bombing claims President Fernandez negotiated with Iran to avoid punishing those responsible.Ben Ariel, 1/15/2015, 5:13 AM

Iran Upset Over Nixing of AMIA Massacre Probe

Iran expresses dissatisfaction over Argentine court's ruling that an agreement to probe the AMIA bombing as “unconstitutional.”Elad Benari, Canada, 5/16/2014, 9:01 PM

Argentine Court Nixes AMIA Bombing Probe with Iran

Agreement with Iran to probe the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center that left 85 dead is declared unconstitutional.AFP and Gil Ronen, 5/16/2014, 7:19 AM

20 Years Since Attack on AMIA JCC in Buenos Aires

Twenty years since Argentina bombing; Sharansky: 'We will not settle for anything less than bringing the perpetrators to justice.'Tova Dvorin, 5/5/2014, 4:03 PM

Israel Denies Killing Buenos Aires Bombers

Gov't officials reject claims by former ambassador to Argentina that Israel had killed those behind AMIA bombings as 'complete nonesense'.AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/4/2014, 7:21 PM

Envoy: We Killed Those Behind Argentina Bombings

Former Israeli ambassador says Israel killed most of those behind 1990s terror attacks on Argentine Jewish buildings.Elad Benari, 1/3/2014, 4:43 AM

Prosecutor: Abolish Order for Probe on '94 Attack

Bombing of Argentine Jewish Charities Federation killed 85; AG says deal with Iran over investigation 'unconstitutional'.AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/13/2013, 8:23 PM

Iran Confirms Willingess to Prove AMIA Attack

Iran confirms to Argentina that it will cooperate to probe the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center.Elad Benari, 9/29/2013, 5:59 AM

Jews Protests Argentina-Iran 'Whitewash Agreement'

Jewish group protests Argentinian prosecutor general’s decision to block key testimony on the Buenos Aires AMIA Jewish Center bombing.Rina Tzvi , 7/7/2013, 9:06 AM

Report: Rowhani Linked to 1994 AMIA Bombing

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rowhani was on special Iranian committee that plotted 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish community center.Rina Tzvi , 6/20/2013, 9:05 AM

Iran Scoffs at Argentina's Terror Charges

Iran has scoffed at charges levelled by the Argentine prosecutor investigating an anti-Jewish attack in Buenos Aires.Elad Benari, 6/5/2013, 6:13 AM

Argentina Formally Accuses Iran of Terrorism

Argentine prosecutor says Iran opened secret intelligence stations in several South American countries to plan and conduct terror attacks.Elad Benari, 5/30/2013, 4:43 AM

Iranian Candidates Implicated in Murdering Jews

Jewish group outraged that among candidates to run in Iranian Presidential elections are two implicated in AMIA Jewish Center bombing.Arutz Sheva staff, 5/26/2013, 10:39 AM

Iran Approves Agreement with Argentina

Iran approves an agreement with Argentina on forming a commission to investigate a 1994 attack on a Jewish building.Elad Benari, 5/21/2013, 4:43 AM

Iran Denies its Officials Will be Questioned

Iran denies that Iranians facing arrest warrants for their roles in the AMIA bombing will be questioned by an Argentine judge.Elad Benari, 2/13/2013, 6:46 AM

US Doubts Iran-Argentina Pact

US "skeptical" of Argentina and Iran's decision to set up a commission to probe 1994 bombing of a Jewish center.Gil Ronen, 1/31/2013, 8:40 PM

Argentina: Iranians Will Be Questioned on Bombing

Iran's defense minister will be questioned as part of an agreement to investigate 1994 attack on a Buenos Aires Jewish center.Elad Benari, 1/31/2013, 4:46 AM

Israel Summons Argentina's Ambassador

Israel protests Argentina's decision to create a commission with Iran to investigate attack on Buenos Aires Jewish center.Elad Benari, 1/30/2013, 6:12 AM

Israel to Summon Argentine Ambassador

Israel extremely disappointed by the decision to create a commission to investigate the 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires.Elad Benari, 1/29/2013, 3:43 AM

Argentina, Iran, Form Inquiry into AMIA Bombing

"Truth commission" will include five independent judges -- none of whom can come from either country., 1/27/2013, 10:49 PM

Ecuador's President Denies Downplaying AMIA Attack

Ecuador denies suggestions that its president downplayed a 1994 terrorist bombing on a Jewish building in Buenos Aires.Elad Benari, Canada, 12/7/2012, 9:34 PM

Argentina to Propose Agenda on Bombing Talks

Argentina will soon propose an agenda to Iran on talks to settle lawsuits related to the 1994 bombing of a Jewish aid organization.Elad Benari, 12/2/2012, 8:43 AM

Argentina, Iran to Discuss 1994 Bombing Again

Argentine and Iranian representatives will meet to discuss a 1994 bombing of a Jewish aid association in Buenos Aires.Elad Benari, 10/29/2012, 3:44 AM

Dialogue with Iran Over '94 Bombing 'Appalling'

ADL denounced decision of Argentine government to engage in dialogue with Iran over 1994 terror attack on AMIA Jewish center in Buenos AiresRachel Hirshfeld, 10/14/2012, 12:55 PM

Israel Disappointed by Talks on Argentina Attack

Israel's embassy in Buenos Aires is disappointed over talks between Argentina and Iran about 1994 attack on a Jewish center.Elad Benari, Canada, 9/28/2012, 11:15 PM

Argentina, Iran Meet Over Jewish Center Bombing

The foreign ministers of Argentina and Iran meet, discuss the 1994 terror attack on a Jewish association in Buenos Aires.Elad Benari, 9/28/2012, 6:44 AM

Iran, Argentina to Discuss 1994 Terror Attack

Argentina's president says Iran wants to cooperate with probe into AMIA massacre.Gil Ronen and AFP, 9/26/2012, 9:55 PM