Court forbids digging up body out of 'respect for dead'

Court rejects request to open the grave of a baby who died in 1950, whose sister suspects he was kidnapped.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/30/2017, 4:29 PM

Bereaved Family Outraged After Finding Empty Grave

Family of soldier killed in Yom Kippur War illegally opens their son's grave - and find it is empty.Orly Harari, 5/4/2014, 8:43 AM

Jewish WWII Gravestones Discovered Right Before Destruction

Seven gravestones in abandoned house in Poland found by chance before demolition, part of destroyed Jewish cemetery.Nissan Tzur, 4/2/2014, 4:09 PM

Tzfat (Safed) Teens Tend Abandoned Soldiers’ Graves

In Tzfat, teenagers are tending the graves of soldiers whose families are gone in a project called “Adopt the Unknown Soldier.” Chana Ya'ar, 4/14/2013, 2:19 PM