Two IDF soldiers critically injured

After their APC collided with a bulldozer, two soldiers remain in critical condition, one unconscious and on a respirator.Kobi Finkler, 8/17/2016, 9:45 AM

Introducing: Armored Personel Carrier on wheels

The Ministry of Defense has completed the prototype of the first APC on wheels to appear on the stage of IDF history.Tal Polon, 8/1/2016, 2:24 PM

Watch: Israel's amazing new APC can't be stopped

New Engineering Namer variant could prove crucial in future guerrilla warfare; capable of constructing bridges over obstacles.Kobi Finkler, 6/2/2016, 11:52 AM

Five IDF soldiers injured in APC accident

Soldiers transferred to Soroka Medical Center for treatment; incident under investigation.Uzi Baruch, 4/19/2016, 3:44 PM

IDF to phase out APCs after deadly war incident

Deaths of 7 IDF soldiers during Protective Edge have spurred movement to replace APCs with wheel-based vehicles - possibly with US aid.Tova Dvorin, 12/7/2015, 4:10 PM

Soldier Seriously Injured after APC Overturns in Golan

Soldiers evacuated for treatment after their APC overturned in the Golan Heights.Sholomo Pytrokovsky, 5/4/2015, 12:57 PM

'I Lay Injured with My Hand on the Grenade Pin'

Soldiers reveal what happened before Hamas took the body of Oron Shaul - and why the wrong choice of tanks mattered.Uzi Baruch and Tova Dvorin, 4/7/2015, 11:03 AM

IDF Soldiers Punished for Whatsapp Name Leaks

Two soldiers who were involved in leaking a list of IDF soldiers killed in action were punished by their commanders.Moshe Cohen, 9/11/2014, 2:54 PM