Haredi mother of 5 may have to give up her Olympic dream

American-Israeli marathon runner may have to give up on Olympic race after run bumped up from Sunday to Saturday.Marcy Oster, JTA, 12/10/2019, 8:43 AM

When Jews mixed sport with politics

When 1933 Germany was chosen as the site of the Olympics, Jews protested, but to no avail.Dr. Rafael Medoff, 10/25/2019, 12:10 PM

Israel’s national baseball team is going to the 2020 Olympics

For the first time ever, Israel's national baseball team secures spot at the summer Olympics.Marcy Oster, JTA, 9/22/2019, 9:39 PM

Israeli baseball team places fourth in European contest

Israel’s national baseball team advances to Europe-Africa Olympic qualifier.Marcy Oster, JTA, 9/16/2019, 9:28 AM

Israeli equestrian show jumping squad to compete in Olympics

For the first time ever, Israel to field team in Olympics equestrian show jumping competition.Marcy Oster, JTA, 7/2/2019, 7:59 AM

Young woman wins table tennis Gold on fast day

Estee Ackerman of New York wins US Championship on 10th of Tevet.Mordechai Sones, 1/1/2019, 5:26 PM

10 American Jewish baseball players to become Israeli citizens

8 pitchers, 2 batters to become Israeli citizens to play for Israeli baseball team during 2020 Olympic games.JTA, 10/10/2018, 10:58 PM

Russia banned from 2018 Olympics

International Olympic Committee bans Russia from competing under its flag in 2018, insists athletes prove themselves clean.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/6/2017, 8:03 AM

Japan turns to Israel's anti-terror expertise ahead of Olympics

Japanese security, intel agencies look to Israel for anti-terror expertise in preparing for 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/27/2017, 11:06 AM

Jewish athlete barred from 1936 Berlin Olympics dies at 103

Margaret Lambert, outstanding high jumper barred by Nazis from Olympic games over her Jerwish identity, passes away in New YorkJTA, 7/26/2017, 3:59 PM

Jewish equestrian champion killed in riding accident

Rebecca Weisbrod, 21, lost her life on the training tracks of New York.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/1/2016, 4:29 PM

In retrospect: Egyptian judoka Salafi-style

No withdraw, no win, no handshake. Ashraf Ramelah, 8/27/2016, 11:51 PM

Israeli Olympian sells medal to help kids with cancer

Children being treated in Ichilov Hospital's cancer ward thanked Yarden for her sacrifice and donation. 'We will win, just like you!'Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/23/2016, 4:40 PM

Rhythmic gymnastics team finishes sixth

Result is a disappointment for the team. Coach Vigdorchik notes team got unfair treatment.Guy Cohen, 8/21/2016, 10:32 PM

Obama to apologize for USA Olympic victories (a satire)

Every satire has a ring of truth... Jack Engelhard, 8/21/2016, 8:03 AM

Blessing on viewing the Olympics

A person impressed by athletes and their accomplishments should acknowledge the source of their strength.Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 8/20/2016, 10:19 PM

The Olympic Games and the Jewish People.

Barry Shaw, 8/18/2016, 12:07 PM

Sports Minister doubles prize for those suffering Olympic tax

After Sports Minister Miri Regev failed to cancel tax on Olympic prize money, she searched for other options to reward her athletes.Tal Polon, 8/17/2016, 9:19 AM

Why you’re more likely to support Israel if you ‘get’ sports

Sports are the last vestige of a central aspect of traditional morality in western culture. Shai Landesman, 8/17/2016, 12:15 AM

Will recent Olympic wins inspire Israeli youth?

Israeli society is embracing their judo Olympic medalists. ILTV speaks with Reuters sports reporter Ori Lewis.ILTV, 8/15/2016, 2:23 AM

Israeli Olympians pay taxes when they win

Sports Minister Miri Regev: "Unacceptable" to take from Olympic athletes after all "they have already given."Hezki Baruch, 8/14/2016, 3:40 PM

“Palestine” at the Olympics -- again

The world's terrorist darlings are at the Olympics despite the Munich massacre. They have no shame. Jack Engelhard, 8/10/2016, 1:40 PM

Israeli Judo athlete Yarden Gerbi wins bronze medal at Olympics

Yarden Gerbi wins first Olympic medal for Israel since 2008, earning bronze in the women's Judo 63 kg category.Shai Landesman, 8/9/2016, 11:01 PM

Watch: Man tries to steal Olympic torch

Security jump man who tried to steal Olympic torch mid-run.Rachel Kaplan, 7/24/2016, 10:35 AM

Jihadists call to attack Israeli Olympic team

Report: Al-Qaida-influenced terrorists take to social media, calling for "knife attack against Americans/Israelis" ahead of the Rio games.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/21/2016, 6:42 PM

Brother of Brussels bomber to compete for Belgium in Olympics

Mourad Laachraoui is the younger brother of Najim, one of two suicide bombers who killed 32 people in March.Shoshana Miskin, 5/23/2016, 8:17 AM

Athletes murdered in Munich to be honored at Rio games

Brazilian, Israeli officials to hold ceremony commemorating massacred Israelis athletes during 2016 summer Olympic games.Shoshana Miskin, 3/20/2016, 4:13 PM

UK Paralympic star calls for tribute to slain Israeli athletes

British Paralympic star calls for minute of silence at Rio Games in memory of Israelis murdered at Munich Olympics.Shoshana Miskin, 1/25/2016, 12:49 PM

Israeli leftists allegedly 'plotted soccer ban on Israel'

Report: newest secret recording shows Breaking the Silence and ex-diplomat Alon Liel mulling how to get Israel boycotted by sports world.Gil Ronen, 1/13/2016, 11:23 AM

Olympic Committee drops Kuwait for banning Israeli

Kuwaiti event gets Olympic qualifying status revoked, after Israeli official barred from entering the country.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/30/2015, 8:45 AM

Jewish Olympics to be Held at Site of 1936 'Nazi Games'

Berlin will host starting Tuesday the 14th European Maccabi Games featuring 2,300 Jewish athletes from 36 countries.Cynthia Blank, 7/26/2015, 12:23 PM

Israeli Company to Manage Security of 2016 Olympic Games

ISDS chosen to serve as security integrator for 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, in a deal worth 2.2 billion dollars.Cynthia Blank, 10/22/2014, 6:48 PM

Only in Israel Series: The Forgotten Olympics

Jews are known for brains, not brawn. So let's invest in developing our children's aptitudes.Dr. Harold Goldmeier, 9/23/2012, 5:08 PM

Germans 'Did Nothing to Save Lives' in Munich Olympics

40 years after Israeli athletes were murdered, government documents on debacle are unsealed.Gil Ronen, 8/29/2012, 10:13 PM

Despite Conviction, Olmert Being Considered for Olympic Head

Former PM Ehud Olmert is being considered to head the Israel Olympic CommitteeDavid Lev, 8/23/2012, 9:58 AM

Returning Olympian: It Was a Lot of Fun

First female Israeli swimmer to make the Olympic semi-finals says she had fun, reached her goals.Maayana Miskin, 8/10/2012, 1:11 PM

Israeli Gymnast: It’s Not Easy to Win a Medal

Israeli gymnast Alex Shatilov tells Arutz Sheva that he’s pleased even without a medal.Maayana Miskin, 8/10/2012, 10:51 AM

Committee to Investigate ‘Olympics Failure’

Sports Minister to investigate ‘failures’ in preparation for Olympic games as Israeli team to come home without medals. Maayana Miskin, 8/9/2012, 7:14 PM

Despite Successful London Olympics, Cameron's Problems Increase

The Liberal Democrats are playing tit for tat with no support for redrawing parliamentary districts. Olympic successes are of no help.Amiel Ungar, 8/8/2012, 4:01 AM

Israel at the Olympics: Ze'evi Out, Toumarkin Finishes 7th

Israeli judokas quickly lose in Olympic trials, swimmer finishes in 7th place in 200 meters backstroke.Maayana Miskin, 8/2/2012, 4:34 PM

Lithuanian Fan Performs Nazi Salute During Olympic Games

A Lithuanian basketball fan goaded two African American Olympic stewards with his arm raised in what appeared to be a Nazi salute. Rachel Hirshfeld , 7/31/2012, 10:53 AM

Olympic Committee Defends 'Nazi Salute' of German Official

The Olympic Committee defended a German official who has been accused of performing the 'Nazi salute' during opening ceremony of the Games.Rachel Hirshfeld , 7/30/2012, 5:04 PM

Proudly Wearing Israeli Flag at London Olympic Opening

Pro-Israeli visitors to the 2012 Summer Olympics proudly wore both the UK and Israel flags Saturday night.Chana Ya'ar, 7/29/2012, 11:25 AM

Ayalon Slams PA as 'Racist' for Olympics Stance

Is a moment of silence for 11 Israeli Olympians slain in Munich in 1972 'racism'? Deputy FM Danny Ayalon says no, but opposing it is!Gabe Kahn, 7/26/2012, 7:42 PM

Peres: Iran in 'Open War' with Israel

President Shimon Peres told CNN that Iran is in an “open war” with Israel and blamed regime for Bulgaria attack that killed five Israelis.Rachel Hirshfeld , 7/24/2012, 10:35 AM