Educator: Grades are Nice, What About Values?

Yerushalayim Torah Academy head not impressed with matriculation stats, they don't test values. Religious schools, however, top eligibility list.Gil Ronen & Hezki Baruch, 4/17/2011, 6:40 PM

Lebanese Bank Denies US Charge of Money Laundering, Terror Ties

A Lebanese bank is accused by the U.S. Treasury of massive money laundering and links to Hizbullah terrorists. The bank denies the charge.Chana Ya'ar, 2/13/2011, 10:10 PM

The Other War in Afghanistan

No progress appears in sight for curing or containing Afghanistan's drug blight.Amiel Ungar, 1/27/2011, 9:31 AM

Saudis High on Speed, According to Drug Abuse Report

The lion's share of amphetamines being consumed in the Middle East are seized in Saudi Arabia, according to the latest global drug abuse report.Hana Levi Julian, 7/25/2010, 12:35 PM

Israel Returns Lebanese Drug Dealer

Israel has sent home a Lebanese national suspected of dealing drugs on behalf of the Hizbullah terrorist organization.Hana Levi Julian, 4/15/2010, 12:49 PM

Northern Drug Bust Highlights Border Dilemma

Heroin and Hizbullah are two ingredients that scare Ghajar’s northern border villagers, Israelis who may become victims of an Israeli surrender.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/4/2010, 9:21 PM

3 Al Qaeda Men Nabbed in Africa, Running Drugs for Money

For the first time, three Al-Qaeda operatives have been captured and charged with drug trafficking in Africa to raise money for terrorist activity.Hana Levi Julian, 12/20/2009, 11:43 AM