FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS: Manipulating the masses

Tamar Yonah claims that ‘some people’ are saying that the shooting attacks in America are false-flag operations.Israel News Talk Radio, 8/6/2019, 3:41 AM

Reintroduced bill aims to close 'gaping loophole' in US gun laws

After Poway, Feinstein reintroduces bill that would raise the minimum age to buy assault rifle.Ron Kampeas, JTA, 5/1/2019, 2:35 PM

Jews need guns

Jewish blood must not be cheap. Jabotinsky said it decades ago and he was right. Ronn Torossian, 4/30/2019, 10:53 PM

Pittsburgh approves gun-control legislation

Pittsburgh City Council approves gun-control legislation proposed in wake of massacre at Tree of Life synagogue.Ben Ariel, 4/4/2019, 3:05 AM

50 killed, 6 days later- all assault rifles banned in NZ

'On March 15 our history changed forever. Now our laws will too,' New Zealand Prime Minister Arden said.Sara Rubenstein, 3/21/2019, 9:11 PM

Post-Pittsburgh: Capital punishment, and Jews with guns

Should accused Pittsburgh murderer Robert Bowers be given the death penalty if convicted?Rabbi Avraham Gordimer, 11/3/2018, 7:00 PM

Israel significantly relaxes gun license regulations

The move is expected to cause hundreds of thousands of Israelis to apply for a license immediately.Tzvi Lev, 7/8/2018, 3:57 PM

'She put my kid in a closet when her daughter died'

This emotional speech by a Jewish legislator helped pass Florida’s new gun law.JTA, 3/17/2018, 11:15 PM

Florida House approves gun control legislation

Florida lawmakers approve measure that would raise the minimum age for purchasing firearms.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/8/2018, 3:39 AM

Don't expect Trump to cry

Trump’s brand is built around projecting toughness and strength, but Americans yearn for their leaders to show that they feel their pain.Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/23/2018, 2:12 AM

Trump: We'll improve background checks for gun buyers

U.S. President vows to take steps to improve background checks for gun buyers in the wake of Florida shooting.Ben Ariel, 2/22/2018, 1:05 AM

Israel proves the NRA's arguments

In reality, Israel's gun policy is living proof of the arguments the American gun lobby has been making for years. Tzvi Lev, 2/21/2018, 10:38 AM

Trump orders new regulations on bump stocks

Trump directs Department of Justice to propose regulations that would ban devices that allow semi-automatic guns to be modified.Ben Ariel, 2/21/2018, 2:38 AM

Trump: Why didn't Democrats pass gun control legislation?

Trump blasts Democrats for failing to act to strengthen gun restrictions under the Obama administration.Ben Ariel, 2/18/2018, 4:33 AM

This is how Israel prevents mass shootings

Mike Huckabee says US should follow Israel’s lead to prevent mass shootings. Twitter takes issue.JTA, 2/17/2018, 10:56 PM

Report: Florida shooter flaunted weapons on Instagram

The man behind Florida school massacre reportedly flaunted weapons on social media. 'Everything he talked about was weapons.'Tzvi Lev, 2/15/2018, 3:59 PM

Trump: Not the time for debate on gun control

President Trump says now isn't the time for a political debate on gun control.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/4/2017, 2:46 AM

Gun 'smart lock' could save many lives

A ground-breaking Israeli invention aims to prevent firearm accidents, potentially saving many people's lives.ILTV, 7/27/2016, 6:51 AM

'Armed Jewish man' threatens Councilwoman

Birminham Councilwoman Sheila Tyson filed a complaint with the police after a man threatened to shoot her for her Holocaust remarks.Rachel Kaplan, 7/20/2016, 10:54 AM

Terrorism is about Ideology, not guns

In denying the role of Islamic radicalism, Mr. Obama seems more concerned about shielding extremists from critical scrutiny than protecting U.S. citizens from terrorism. Matthew M. Hausman, J.D., 7/18/2016, 1:33 PM

'Republicans are selling guns to ISIS'

Gun-control advocates castigate Republicans with unprecedented rhetoric, accuse political opponents of arming Islamic terrorists.David Rosenberg, 6/23/2016, 10:00 AM

Why Israeli gun laws work

The United States could learn a thing or two about effective gun regulations from the State of Israel.Ron Kampeas, 6/19/2016, 10:07 AM

Obama: New gun laws are 'crucial'

President Barack Obama urges lawmakers to take action to prevent gun violence as he meets families of the victims of the Orlando attack.Ben Ariel, 6/17/2016, 4:42 AM

Clinton fires back at Trump following NRA backing

Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump's proposals on firearms as 'dangerous' for America's children.Shoshana Miskin, 5/22/2016, 4:37 PM

New orders: Soldiers must take guns when on leave

Chief of Staff issues the order after a soldier who was denied his gun was murdered when he could have saved lives.Gil Ronen, 2/22/2016, 9:47 PM

IDF rethinks guns-on-leave policy after murder

First sergeant Yanai Weissman was not allowed to take his gun when he went on leave – and was murdered by terrorists.Gil Ronen, 2/22/2016, 8:16 PM

Ted Nugent calls pro-gun control Jews 'Nazis'

Taking his anti-Semitic criticism one step further, the rocker calls Jews who back Gun control 'Nazis in disguise.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 2/10/2016, 7:42 AM

Ted Nugent blames Jews for gun control

Rock musician posts picture with Jewish Americans, Israeli flags, asking 'So who is really behind gun control?'Matt Wanderman, 2/9/2016, 9:39 AM

Government relaxes gun laws, feminists up in arms

Leftist feminist coalition says more guns mean more women murdered, but are they manipulating the statistics?Gil Ronen, 1/6/2016, 6:31 PM

Why did armed man refuse to shoot terrorist?

Eyewitness to Tel Aviv terror says he begged a man with a handgun to fire. Was he afraid of being prosecuted?Gil Ronen, 1/3/2016, 11:39 AM

Here's a compromise: Ban assault rifles and screen assaulting Muslims

A win-win compromise that will make America safer. David Friedman, 12/14/2015, 7:03 AM

Carson stands by Holocaust gun argument

Republican candidate says many Jews told him he was 'exactly right' in comment about gun ownership possibly preventing the Holocaust.Arutz Sheva staff, 10/26/2015, 11:11 AM

Aharonovich to Ease Restrictions on Weapons

More Israelis to be allowed to carry weapons for self-defense following massacre, Internal Security Minister says.Tova Dvorin, 11/18/2014, 1:41 PM

MK Feiglin: Stop Taking Guns from Citizens!

In heated debate regarding proposed bill to mandate psychological testing for gun licenses, Feiglin says citizens are being left helpless.Gil Ronen, 5/22/2014, 5:54 PM

World's First 'Smart Gun' Goes On Sale

German company starts US sale of futuristic weapon that will only fire when used by its owner.Ari Yashar, 2/28/2014, 10:59 AM

Police Confiscate Handgun from 10 Year-Old

Boy found with .22 pistol during raid on apartment in Bet She'an. Police open an investigation.Yishai Karov and Aruz Sheva Staff, 12/5/2013, 11:04 AM

Want a Gun? See a Psychologist

Security guards and other citizens will have to present proof of mental health before getting a gun permit.Gil Ronen, 10/23/2013, 2:11 PM

Knesset Guards Seize Pellet Gun at Entrance

Guard stopped an individual who attempted to enter the Knesset while carrying illegal weapon.David Lev, 8/11/2013, 2:47 PM

Israel to Consider Stricter Gun Control Laws

Israel will consider tightening its gun control laws this year, in response to a heightened rate of criminal incidents involving firearms.Chana Ya'ar, 7/31/2013, 2:04 PM

'Gun Negligent' Father to Get Community Service

A man whose son killed a fellow thirteen year old classmate with his gun was sentenced to 350 hours of community service instead of jail.David Lev, 6/18/2013, 2:46 AM

Texas: 2-Year-Old Shoots Himself

Child shot and killed himself with a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. He was “looking for gum.”Arutz Sheva, 6/1/2013, 11:17 PM

Letter Sent to NYC Mayor Tests Positive for Ricin

Anonymous letters sent to NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg contained material that initially tested positive for ricin, the NYPD announced. Arutz Sheva staff, 5/30/2013, 6:24 PM

Ex-Security Chief: Don’t Rush to Take Our Guns

Former IDF security chief says guns can prevent murder.Maayana Miskin, 5/22/2013, 12:50 PM

Police Tried to Take Weapon, Judge Refused

Police wanted bank shooter to hand in his weapon two years ago over suspicions of threats, violence.Maayana Miskin, 5/21/2013, 8:08 AM

New Orleans: 19 Wounded in Shooting During Parade

New Orleans police searching for three suspects after at least 19 people were shot during a Mother’s Day parade. Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/13/2013, 4:13 AM

Senate Defeats Gun Control Plan, Obama Fumes

Senate defeats a plan to expand background checks on firearms sales and a proposal to ban some weapons.Elad Benari, 4/18/2013, 3:15 AM

Murders Intensify Fight to Change Gun Laws

Recent murders fuel ongoing battle to keep guards from taking guns home. Maayana Miskin, 4/5/2013, 1:36 PM

Left Trying to Limit Guns in Israel, Too

Leftist campaign claims guards are likely to use their guns to murder their spouses.Gil Ronen, 3/24/2013, 5:24 PM

New York Mayor Plans Gun Control Ad Blitz

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bankrolling a $12 million nationwide ad campaign in a bid to counter the US gun lobby's vast influence.Arutz Sheva staff, 3/24/2013, 3:38 PM

Police Reforms: School Trips Lack Armed Protection

Schools have been cancelling planned trips in Judea and Samaria because of bureaucracy.Gil Ronen, 3/7/2013, 7:07 PM

Jews, Hold on to Your Guns! Obama is Coming

The president who wants to limit gun acquisition in the US, may try to pressure for more limitations here. Not Arab guns, but "settler" ones.Giulio Meotti, 2/22/2013, 1:54 PM

Gunman Kills Two in U.S. Courthouse

A gunman murdered two women in a Delaware courthouse Monday before police shot him dead, officials said. , 2/11/2013, 9:42 PM

Obama's 'State of Union' Set for Feb. 12

President Barack Obama will give his annual "State of the Union" address to Congress on February 12, the White House announced Friday.Rachel Hirshfeld , 2/10/2013, 2:35 PM

New Bill on Gun Control Marks First in Series

Lawmakers from both parties unveiled a bill Tuesday cracking down on "straw purchasers" who traffic firearms to criminals. , 2/6/2013, 10:35 AM

White House Releases Photo of Obama Skeet Shooting

White House released a photograph of President Obama skeet shooting in an apparent attempt to alleviate the concerns of gun owners.Rachel Hirshfeld , 2/3/2013, 6:14 PM

Ire Over School Official's Obama-Hitler Comparison

The President of the Ohio State Board of Education has come under fire for comparing policies of President Obama to those of Hitler.Rachel Hirshfeld , 1/24/2013, 6:48 PM

Obama Calls on Congress to Reduce Gun Violence

Obama urged Congress to pass measures aimed at reducing gun violence, while reaffirming his commitment to the right to bear arms. , 1/19/2013, 8:29 PM