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Cellcom purchases Golan Telecom for $300 million

Three months after putting itself on the market, the low-cost telecommunications company will be merged into major Cellcom.Cynthia Blank, 11/5/2015, 9:28 AM

Israel to Return to Days of High Cellphone Costs?

High-cost Cellcom may buy discount Golan Telecom in a move which consumers fear will drive up cell phone service prices.Moshe Cohen, 8/27/2015, 11:49 AM

Cell Phone Companies to Consolidate Antennae

The move, which follows anti-monopoly law passed earlier this week, would allow for better reception for rural Israelis.Tova Dvorin, 12/10/2013, 11:19 AM

French Company Continues to Invest in Israel

Golan Telecom, one of the companies that took part in the "cellular revolution" in Israel, wants to increase competition even more.Elad Benari, Canada, 5/14/2013, 11:47 PM

What Israelis Seek on Google: Lower Phone Prices

Google's Israel office released statistics on how Israelis used the company's search engine in recent weeks. David Lev, 12/6/2012, 2:46 AM

Mobile Phone Price Wars Go On: Cellcom Cuts Prices

Responding to new rock-bottom mobile phone packages by Golan Telecom, Cellcom announced that it, too, was slashing pricesDavid Lev, 11/27/2012, 9:57 PM

Cellphone Discount Pioneer Golan Cuts Prices Again

Golan Communications, which had offered an all-included package for NIS 99, slashed that to NIS 49 over the weekendDavid Lev, 11/25/2012, 8:28 PM

Israelis Embrace Cellphone Revolution

As many as 20,000 customers dumped their old, established providers and joined cellphone upstarts Golan Telecommunications and Hot MobileChana Ya'ar, 5/17/2012, 1:26 PM