Rockets fired from Gaza towards Ashkelon

Iron Dome successfully intercepts at least two rockets fired by Gaza terrorists towards Ashkelon.Ido Ben Porat, 12/11/2017, 11:46 PM

'We give Gaza fresh water and they give us back raw sewage'

Hamas shuts electricity to Gaza sewage treatment facility- and Israeli residents suffer the consequences.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/26/2017, 10:39 AM

Gaza rocket hits southern Israel

Rocket from Gaza explodes in open area in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. No injuries or damages.Elad Benari, 3/1/2017, 11:28 PM

Gaza Rocket Explodes in Hof Ashkelon Region

Gaza rocket explodes in open area in the Hof Ashkelon region, causing no physical injuries or damages.Elad Benari, 9/21/2015, 4:36 AM

Israeli Homes Hit By Gunfire from Gaza

Residents of Hof Ashkelon region alarmed, but IDF says light weapons fire from Gaza result of Hamas 'training drills,' not a terror attack.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/2/2015, 8:30 PM

Terrorists Make Failed Attempt to Fire Rocket

Sirens heard in Hof Ashkelon region. IDF says there was a failed attempt to fire rockets from Gaza.Elad Benari, 9/1/2015, 6:16 AM

'Rocket Fire Just Like Before Protective Edge'

Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head argues IDF must issue stronger response to weekly rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel's South.Benny Toker, 7/19/2015, 8:48 AM

Gaza Rocket Explodes in Southern Israel

Rocket from Gaza hits the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. No injuries or damages.Elad Benari, 7/16/2015, 2:50 AM

Gaza Rocket Lands in Ashkelon Region

After Hof Ashkelon region sirens sound late Tuesday night, IDF identifies rocket struck open ground in area.Ari Yashar, 6/23/2015, 10:24 PM

'Code Red' in Hof Ashkelon Area False Alarm

Rocket alert in Yad Mordechai, Netiv Ha'Esrai is false alarm, IDF reveals.Tova Dvorin, 12/26/2014, 12:10 PM

Gaza War Affected Matriculation Scores

Significant decrease in passing grades near Gaza Belt - but education officials note that students' moral compass is high.Tova Dvorin, 10/21/2014, 8:15 AM

Another Gaza Infiltrator Arrested

Day after terrorist with knife and spike arrested, another Gaza terrorist breaches into Israel during a riot near security border.Ari Yashar, 9/29/2014, 12:45 PM

'If the IDF Doesn't Crush Hamas We Won't Survive'

Hof Ashkelon chairman tells Arutz Sheva his region survives by 'sheer miracles,' can hold another month if IDF takes decisive action.Benny Toker, Ari Yashar, 8/21/2014, 6:05 PM

IDF Admits False Alarm with Rocket Siren

Rocket sirens sound Thursday morning, hours after ceasefire extension - IDF clarifies they were sounded accidentally.Ari Yashar, 8/14/2014, 10:54 AM

IDF Discharges 30,000 Reserve Soldiers

55,000 soldiers still in the field as 72-hour ceasefire keeps a tenuous hold; meanwhile, Gaza belt residents hesitate to return home.Tova Dvorin, 8/6/2014, 4:36 PM

Iron Dome Intercepts Two Gaza Rockets

Iron Dome shoots down two rockets fired from Gaza towards the Hof Ashkelon region, just after three Gaza rockets exploded in Eshkol.Elad Benari, Canada, 6/27/2014, 10:34 PM

Rocket Hits Near Ashkelon, None Hurt

Sirens sound on Ashkelon coast, less than 24 hours after multiple rockets fired into Israel.Tova Dvorin, 4/4/2014, 12:33 PM

Approved: 45 Million Shekel to Gush Katif Refugees

Several communities in Hof Ashkelon to receive money for development, over 8 years after being expelled during the Disengagement.Tova Dvorin, 3/28/2014, 10:11 AM

Rocket Strikes Near Ashkelon; None Hurt

Eighth rocket from Gaza this month causes no casualties or damage.Tova Dvorin, 3/3/2014, 7:28 PM

Gaza Rocket Explodes in Open Area Near Ashkelon

Terrorists fire a rocket at southern Israel, which hits an open area in the Hof Ashkelon Region.Elad Benari, Canada, 2/14/2014, 8:40 PM

Gaza: Second Rocket at Israel in As Many Days

Kassam fired from Gaza, Iron Dome not deployed, no injuries or damage. IAF strikes several Gaza targets in response.Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/26/2013, 9:59 PM

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Southern Israel

Rocket fired by Gaza terrorists explodes in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council in southern Israel. No physical injuries or damages.Elad Benari, 12/26/2013, 1:13 AM

Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Fired Towards South

Several explosions heard in southern Israel as Iron Dome intercepts at rocket fired by Gaza terrorists. Three rockets explode in open areas.Elad Benari, 10/28/2013, 6:52 AM

PA Terror Rockets Explode in Gaza

Gaza terrorists failed to frighten Israelis in southern Israel early Wednesday. A fizzled attack landed at least one rocket in Gaza.Chana Ya'ar, 6/19/2013, 9:19 AM

Terrorists Fire 3 Rockets at Ashkelon

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fire three rockets at southern Israel. No injuries or damages reported.Elad Benari, 6/19/2013, 6:08 AM

Rocket and Gunfire Aimed at Southern Israel

Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists in Gaza attacked southern Israel repeatedly Monday, firing gunshots and rockets across the border.Chana Ya'ar, 7/9/2012, 10:12 PM

Gaza Terrorist Rocket Attack Fired at Israel

Gaza terrorists fired a short-range Qassam rocket attack at Jewish towns and cities in the western Negev Saturday night.Chana Ya'ar, 2/11/2012, 11:40 PM

Ashkelon Children Write a Torah Scroll

Children in the Ashkelon coastal district have begun a new project: they are writing a Torah scroll for their area.Chana Ya'ar, 2/2/2012, 1:46 PM