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Vandal Gets Hugs, Calls to ‘Chop Off his Hands’

A young terror orphan who vandalized the Rabin memorial gets mixed reactions, from support, to calls to “cut off his hands.”Maayana Miskin, 10/14/2011, 1:20 PM

Soldiers-to-Be: No Swap for Us

Soldiers-to-be begin five-day march warning against terrorist release. “Do not release terrorists for us,” they tell the government.Maayana Miskin, 5/29/2011, 10:13 PM

Shalit Swap Rallies in Gaza, TA

Marchers in Tel Aviv call to free Gilad Shalit by exchanging terrorist prisoners, as Hamas protesters vow not to ease demands.Maayana Miskin, 7/4/2010, 8:41 PM

I Lied...

, 12/23/2009, 12:00 AM

Anti-Release Protest to Continue

Activists who oppose the release of terrorist prisoners react to the Shalit video deal and describe the next step in their campaign.Yoni Kempinski, INN TV, 10/6/2009, 1:09 AM

PA Teens Preferred Jail to Home

Teen terrorists scheduled to be released Friday preferred prison to home. Also slated for freedom: Gaza's “Terrorist Grandma.”Maayana Miskin, 10/4/2009, 8:33 PM

Weighing Truths for Gilad

, 10/4/2009, 12:00 AM