Sculptor asks Haifa museum to remove his 'McJesus,' citing BDS

Artist who created Ronald McDonald on crucifix says he has joined BDS movement, amid Arab-Christian riots over sculpture's religious theme.Marcy Oster, JTA, 1/15/2019, 10:28 AM

Congressional candidate: 'Jews must accept Jesus as savior'

Former pastor: Peace between Israel and Arabs cannot be achieved until Muslims and Jews accept Jesus as savior.JTA - Mordechai Sones, 11/5/2018, 9:04 PM

'This is real idol-worship'

Anti-missionary group blasts Herzliya 6th-grader presentation glorifying Jesus as part of studies about Christianity.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/20/2017, 11:17 AM

Israeli 6th-grader presentation: Jesus and the cross

Video obtained by Arutz Sheva was taken, according to a reliable source, at elementary school in central Israel.Gil Ronen, 6/15/2017, 1:59 PM

Three Israelis suspected of vandalizing Jesus statue in Uman

Three Israeli youths, including two brothers, are accused of vandalizing a statue of Jesus on the cross in the city of Uman, Ukraine.Nissan Tzur, 1/4/2017, 3:48 PM

Jordanian King to refurbish Jesus' Tomb in Jerusalem

Divided among themselves and persecuted by Muslims, churches succeed in obtaining Islamic help.Hillel Fendel, 4/11/2016, 2:04 PM

Hebrew letters prove existence of ancient Jewish town

Marble board found in Galilee's Kursi National Park suggest ancient Jewish town where Jesus performed 'Miracle of the Swine' existed.Cynthia Blank, 12/16/2015, 8:25 PM

Vatican: Jews don't need Christ to be saved

Report, which isn't formal change to doctrine, says Jews don't need to convert for salvation, in an 'unfathomable mystery.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/10/2015, 4:18 PM

Obama's Former Pastor: Jesus Was a Palestinian

Jeremiah Wright, who Obama was forced to denounce in 2008, portrays Jesus as a Palestinian in speech.Ben Ariel, 10/12/2015, 5:12 AM

NFL Hopeful Apologizes for 'Jews Killed Jesus' Tweets

Jarryd Hayne addresses Jewish community in apology for tweets blaming Jews for killing Jesus, claims to accept 'people of all faiths.'Cynthia Blank, 7/15/2015, 8:31 PM

NFL Hopeful in Hot Water for 'Jews Killed Jesus' Tweet

Australian rugby player Jarryd Hayne stirs outrage with use of millennia-old anti-Semitic trope that Jews responsible for killing Jesus.Cynthia Blank, 7/12/2015, 7:51 AM

'Shocking' Number of Americans Believe Jews 'Not Loyal'

The issue of dual-loyalty is an essential ingredient of modern anti-Semitism all over the world, and must be taken seriously, ADL head says.Yaakov Levi, 4/1/2015, 4:05 PM

The Ethnic Cleansing of Jesus

The birth and life of Jesus has been hijacked by the Palestinian movement, which seeks to portray Jesus as a Palestinian. This effort is often referred to as Christian Palestinianism. Richard Mather, 12/31/2014, 7:33 AM

PA Co-opts Jesus the 'Palestinian Messiah and Martyr'

PA Christmas tradition of rewriting history continues as Jesus claimed as 'first Palestinian' by senior officials and Abbas.Ari Yashar, 12/29/2014, 9:21 AM

Mahmoud Abbas Mocked For Claiming Jesus was a 'Palestinian'

PA chairman's Christmas message contains worn canard about Jesus. Israel quips: 'We forgive him, he knows not what he does.'Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer, 12/25/2013, 11:26 AM

PLO Video Claims Jesus was 'Palestinian'

Video uses Christmas 'magic' to push demonization of Israel; claims Jesus 'was of its own.'Tova Dvorin, 12/23/2013, 5:17 PM

MK Sarsour: Jews are 'Prophet Murderers'

Ibrahim Sarsour targets the Jewish nation as "prophet murderers" for an article which was "an insult to Islam and Christianity" alike.Kochava Rozenbaum , 10/6/2013, 8:53 AM

Peres Denounces Graffiti against Jesus

Peres denounced on Tuesday the spray painting of graffiti against Jesus on a monastery door. “This is not the Jewish way,” he said. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 10/2/2012, 1:14 PM

New Evidence on Whether Jesus Was Married

Scrap of ancient papyrus written in Egyptian Coptic reveals the words "Jesus said to them, my wife…”Scott Krane and AFP, 9/19/2012, 5:29 PM

Vandals Scrawl 'Jesus is a Monkey on Latrun Monastery

Vandals scrawled graffiti on the monastery at Latrun, west of Jerusalem with hate messages, such as "Jesus is a monkey."Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/4/2012, 8:44 AM

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach Files to Run for Congress

Self-proclaimed “America’s Rabbi” Boteach has decided “to throw his yarmulke in the ring” and run for Congress – depending on backing.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 2/7/2012, 9:38 AM

If Abraham Were to Come This Year, Temple Mount Would be Closed

“If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed', the London Guardian wrote this week. And what if Abraham were to visit? Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 12/26/2011, 5:03 PM