Britain Condemns Recognition of Ariel University

"Ariel is beyond the Green Line in a settlement that is illegal," says Alistair Burt, Britain's minister for the Middle East.Elad Benari, 12/28/2012, 3:15 AM

Supreme Court Rejects Petition Against Ariel University

Supreme Court rejects a petition by heads of universities to issue an injunction against the recognition of the Ariel University Center.Elad Benari, 12/27/2012, 5:15 AM

It's Final: IDF Central Command Approves Ariel University

Head of Central Command has placed his signature on the document that makes the upgrade official.Gil Ronen, 12/25/2012, 11:34 AM

Bennett: Ariel University Status – Thanks to Us

Bayit Yehudi chairman sees upgrading of Ariel U as an appeal by Likud to nationalist base.Gil Ronen, 12/25/2012, 10:54 AM

Ariel University Center Welcomes Recognition

Ariel University Center says the decision to recognize it as a university is "a natural outcome".Elad Benari, 12/25/2012, 4:16 AM

Barak Grants Ariel College Full-Fledged University Status

Ehud Barak confirmed a government decision to officially recognize the Ariel University Center of Samaria as a full-fledged university. Rachel Hirshfeld, 12/24/2012, 10:36 PM

Ministers to Arutz Sheva: Ariel University Status Very Soon

Video: Ministers Saar and Steinitz explain their plans for strengthening Samaria through Ariel.Yoni Kempinski & Gil Ronen, 10/21/2012, 11:55 PM

Steinitz: Ariel University Status by Summer of 2013

Minister says he and Education Minister were a match "made in Heaven" to help Ariel.Gil Ronen, 10/21/2012, 5:40 PM

Survey: Two Thirds of Israelis Support Ariel

Two-thirds of the Israeli public support the recognition of the Ariel University Center as a full-fledged university, survey finds.Elad Benari, 9/12/2012, 4:15 AM

Academics' Plan to Boycott Ariel U Revealed

In email exchange, academics plot to boycott Ariel University and its staff, deny them advancement.Gil Ronen, 9/11/2012, 10:08 AM

Britain's Hague 'Disappointed' with Recognition of Ariel U

British Foreign Secretary William Hague says he is disappointed with the government's recognition of the Ariel University.Elad Benari, 9/11/2012, 7:51 AM

Report: Government to Approve Recognizing Ariel as University

Approval is expected when the government votes on a decision to recognize the Ariel University Center as a full-fledged university.Elad Benari, 9/7/2012, 7:14 AM

Danon: Pick Ariel University Over Barak

MK Danny Danon calls on Netanyahu to ensure that Ariel is recognized as a university, contrary to the position of Barak.Elad Benari, 9/5/2012, 3:42 AM

Nationalists Slam Barak Over Ariel University

Barak is "blatantly violating the coalition agreement", says MK Alex Miller as Barak recommends delaying recognition of Ariel University.Elad Benari, 9/3/2012, 6:44 AM

Barak to Netanyahu: Hold Off on Recognizing Ariel

Barak advises Netanyahu to wait for a Supreme Court ruling on the issue of the recognition of the Ariel University Center.Elad Benari, 9/3/2012, 1:18 AM

Bar Ilan Withdraws Support from Motion Against Ariel Recognition

Bar Ilan University withdraws support from a motion to the Supreme Court against the decision to recognize the Ariel University Center.Elad Benari, 8/28/2012, 2:15 AM

Ariel U: 'Cartel of Universities' filed Motion

Institution says High Court motion against granting it university status "undermines" authorities.Gil Ronen, 8/20/2012, 4:06 PM

Eight Universities File Court Motion against Ariel University

All 8 existent universities turn to High Court to disqualify official decision granting Ariel university status.Gil Ronen, 8/20/2012, 12:22 PM

Ariel University Insists Students Confirm Loyalty to the State

Chancellor of the Ariel University Center says Israeli universities should not accept students who are not loyal to the State.Elad Benari, 8/20/2012, 5:16 AM

Danon to Barak: Approve Ariel or Resign

MK Danon calls on Netanyahu to ensure that the Ariel University Center is recognized as a university, despite Barak delaying the process.Elad Benari, Canada, 8/10/2012, 10:40 PM

University Heads to IDF: Don't Approve Ariel as University

In a last-ditch effort, presidents of universities ask the head of Central Command not to approve Ariel's recognition.Elad Benari, 8/8/2012, 4:14 AM

Ariel Faculty and Students Excited About Recognition

Arutz Sheva meets faculty and students at the Ariel University Center. "Recognition as a university will allow for more scholarships."Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 8/1/2012, 3:15 AM

Ariel University's New President Welcomes Acceptance

Incoming president of the Ariel University Center, Yehuda Danon, welcomes decision to accept the facility as a full-fledged university.Elad Benari, 7/19/2012, 7:12 AM

Nationalists Welcome Decision on Ariel University

Nationalists welcome the decision to accept the Ariel University Center as a full-fledged university.Elad Benari, 7/18/2012, 2:16 AM

Ariel Now a University, Major Political Victory for Nationalists

Nationalists won major recognition Tuesday with the Ariel higher education facility in Samaria being accepted as a full-fledged university. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/17/2012, 8:52 PM

Ariel – Israel's 8th University? Decision Today

The Council for Higher Education in Judea and Samaria decides on the highly charged issue Tuesday.Gil Ronen, 7/17/2012, 11:45 AM

Finance Min.: NIS 50M for Ariel University

Min. Steinitz will give special budget to Ariel; Min. of Education states support for upgrading its status.Gil Ronen, 7/15/2012, 9:41 PM

Ariel Students Remain Optimistic About University Status

Students at the Ariel University Center express optimism about being recognized. "We rely on the Education Minister and the Prime Minister."Elad Benari, 7/6/2012, 5:12 AM

Education Minister: Ariel will be a University

Gideon Saar says "there will be struggles" but is confident they will end with a new university.Gil Ronen, 7/5/2012, 10:01 PM

Officials Condemn CHE's Decision on Ariel University Center

Officials in the Knesset, Judea and Samaria, condemn CHE for not recognizing the Ariel University Center.Elad Benari, 7/5/2012, 1:13 AM

CHE Says 'No' to Ariel University Status

Committee says Ariel will not be a fully fledged university at least until next year. Ariel: decision is "desperate and ridiculous."Gil Ronen, 7/4/2012, 7:58 PM

MK Threatens Budget of Universities Opposing Ariel

MK Alex Miller: Soon, we will be able to "take care" of the budgets of the academic institutions that oppose Ariel.Gil Ronen, 7/3/2012, 5:32 PM

Bar Ilan Profs Slam President over Ariel

Maariv: senior professors at Bar Ilan attack its president for demanding Ariel Univ. Center in Samaria be denied university status.Gil Ronen, 7/2/2012, 10:40 AM

New Ariel U Head: Rivals Motivated by Jealousy, Politics

Prof. Yehuda Danon: "It is hard to ignore the political views that are at the base of some of the opposition."Gil Ronen, 7/2/2012, 9:08 AM

MK: Nothing Can Stop Ariel University

MK Danny Danon says Ariel will receive university status, tells existing universities to stay out of politics.Gil Ronen, 7/1/2012, 6:02 PM

Ariel Mayor: Opposition to University Status is Political

Ron Nachman excoriates "guild of hypocrites" who don't want Ariel University because of its location.Gil Ronen, 6/27/2012, 9:15 PM

Knesset Lobby to Fight for for Ariel University

MK Hotovely: university heads' attacks on Ariel are a mark of shame for Israel's academia.Gil Ronen, 6/27/2012, 6:12 PM

Poll: More Israelis Support Settlement Enterprise

64% of Israelis support settlements in Judea and Samaria. Israelis gradually moving to the right.Gil Ronen, 6/12/2012, 12:30 PM

"Ariel University Center is on the Right Track"

The Ariel University of Samaria, its chancellor says, is about to receive permanent accreditation and is looking ahead to the future.Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 3/13/2012, 7:15 AM

Israelis, Arabs Offer Solutions to the Conflict

Arutz Sheva visited a conference in which Israelis and Arabs presented solutions to the conflict. The venue? A university in a "settlement."Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 12/29/2011, 5:12 AM