Photo Essay: Life in a Gush Katif Tent City

Arutz-7 takes you on a tour of the seaside tent-city in Shirat HaYam, a pristine beach paradise hosting new residents who have moved to the region in order to support the struggle against expulsion.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 14:01

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The ebb and flow of waves on the white sands of the Shirat HaYam beach.

The small seashore community of Kfar Yam, just down the beach from Shirat HaYam and lush with gardens and greenery.

Shirat HaYam's playground, used by the many children who have moved with their parents to the new tent city between Shirat HaYam and Kfar Yam.

Shirat HaYam's seaside soccer field.

Piles of building equipment lie in front of one of the few formerly Egyptian structures waiting to be turned into a home for Shirat HaYam's steady stream of new residents.

Students and professional builders have come from all over the country to help refurbish the structures.

The beach between Shirat HaYam and Kfar Yam has been filled with Sukkas (the temporary structures Jews dwell in for the week-long festival of Sukkot) housing families from across Israel.

Shirat HaYam's kids spending a morning in their front yard, the beach.

Residents of the Shirat HaYam tent city eat meals on picnic tables in a shaded area overlooking the ocean.

Refrigerators and stoves donated to the new residents stand beside the shaded eating area.

The beach stands relatively empty during the mid-day heat as jellyfish season precludes swimming.

A fisherman from N'vei Dekalim comes to the beach to fish every morning. He immigrated from France 27 years ago after fighting for the French army in Algeria for years.

When not casting his line or reeling in a catch, the fisherman recites Psalms.

Opposite N'vei Dekalim, the outlying neighborhood of Tiferet Yisrael, which began as a lone synagogue, is expanding, with two new families moving into the area.

Tree planted by participants in Arutz-7's Tu B'Shvat Gush Katif trip flourishing in the Tiferet Yisrael neighborhood.

(Photos: Ezra HaLevi)