Knesset Expels MK for Orange Hat

Knesset Member Michael Gorlovsky (Likud) was evicted from the Knesset Monday after refusing to remove his orange hat. Orange is the color symbolic of opposition to the government evacuation plan.

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The ouster of the MK came one day after guards blocked visiting Indian legislators from entering the Knesset while wearing orange scarves. Orange is emblematic of their party, and the Foreign Ministry later officially apologized. In addition, on Remembrance Day, guards at the Western Wall (Kotel) forced teenagers to take off orange shirts before being allowed to enter the area.

MK Gorolovsky was not able to convince Knesset Speaker Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin (Likud) to allow him to stay in the legislative chamber. He had put on the orange hat during a speech by Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. When Rivlin ordered Gorlovsky to remove the hat, he replied. "First of all, there are people here with skullcaps (kipot). Second, this is my protest."

Rivlin, who himself opposes the disengagement, unenthusiastically called Gorolovsky to order three times, and then, according to Knesset regulations, called upon the ushers to remove his colleague from the plenum.