Non-Jewish IDF Soldier Found to be Neo-Nazi

A non-Jewish IDF soldier who immigrated to Israel from Russia was arrested Wednesday and found to belong to a neo-Nazi organization.

, | updated: 18:12

Police detectives searched the IDF soldier's vehicle after they deemed his behavior suspicious. Heroin was found and he was arrested. During his arrest, the soldier told the police officers that he was a neo-Nazi and hated the State of Israel.

The 20-year-old soldier, who serves in a non-combat position, has a swastika tattooed on his left arm.

After searching his and his mother's home in the Samaria city of Ariel, police discovered Nazi literature and material on his computer from neo-Nazi groups around the globe. He even showed the officers personal correspondence between himself and neo-Nazi groups.

He hates Jews, hates the IDF and considers himself a Nazi, according to a police spokesman.

The soldier's mother, who immigrated to Israel with her son four years ago, also professed support for neo-Nazi groups and hatred for Israel. She was also taken into custody for possible connection with neo-Nazi groups.

"We immigrated for the absorption package," the soldier's mother said when challenged.

During the subsequent police investigation, suspicions arose that the two may have immigrated to Israel using counterfeit documents. However, due to the complex nature of Israel's Law of Return, it is possible that they arrived legitimately. The law, modeled in response to the Nazi Nuremberg Laws, gives anyone with even one Jewish grandparent the right to receive automatic Israeli citizenship.

The Interior Ministry said it was checking into the matter and will consider revoking the citizenship of the two if they indeed used fraudulent documents, but warned that such action is complicated from a legal perspective.