Police Plan to Use Non-Jews for Expulsion

Police are preparing non-Jews to force Jews out of Gaza and northern Samaria and also are instructing policemen to hide identity badges, according to the B'Sheva weekly newspaper.

, | updated: 15:26

Law enforcement officers also have been promised that the police department will not act on any complaints against police brutality during the evacuation, which is expected to take several weeks. B'Sheva also reported that police are being trained how to use violence without leaving any external signs which could be used as evidence against them.

The government plans to close off Gush Katif as a closed military zone from May 15 and thus prohibit non-residents from entering, according to the investigative report. It disclosed that most of the policemen are non-Jews and that many Jewish policemen are suffering psychologically from the training they are receiving.

Police will not wear identity tags in order to prevent any complaints or claims of brutality, B'Sheba stated. Policemen have been told no complaints will be filed for "minor things" such as breaking an arm. The newspaper said the entire police program is to be unveiled at a Chabad gathering this coming Thursday.

The law enforcement agency plans to place four policemen for every resident to be evacuated. They also are preparing how to force mothers to release their babies, who are to be turned over to social workers until mothers agree to board buses.

Police also plan to seal the houses permanently, and soldiers will be on duty to prevent residents from returning. The Gaza and northern Samaria residents are to be transported to hotels or mobile homes, where guards will keep them from protesting or blocking roads.