Moslem Prof.: Quran States that Holy Land is Jewish

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed of San Diego State University is the latest Moslem expert to say that the Quran - the holiest Moslem work - is actually Zionist. He thus joins Sheikh Palazzi, secretary-general of the Italian Muslim Association.

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Prof. Khaleel Mohammed, Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, is the latest Moslem expert to say that the Quran - the holiest Moslem work - is actually Zionist.

In an interview with Jamie Glazov of three days ago (June 3, 2004), Mohammed quoted the Qur'an (5:20-21) as saying:
"Moses said to his people: O my people! Remember the bounty of God upon you when He bestowed prophets upon you, and made you kings and gave you that which had not been given to anyone before you amongst the nations. O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you, and do not turn tail, otherwise you will be losers."

Prof. Mohammed emphasized that the above phrase "God has written for you" is very significant: "In both Jewish and Islamic understandings of the term 'written,' there is the meaning of finality, decisiveness and immutability... So the simple fact is then, from a faith-based point of view: If God has 'written' Israel for the people of Moses, who can change this?" He also quoted two of Islam's most famous exegetes - Ibn Kathir and Muhammad al-Shawkani - as supporting this explanation.

Imam Abdul Hadi Palazzi, secretary-general of the Italian Muslim Association, has long promoted that it is possible to be a Muslim scholar and leader and still support America, Israel and democracy. Citing pro-Jewish verses in the Quran, Sheikh Palazzi told a Jewish audience in Cleveland recently, "There are many good Muslims who value life on earth and the sanctity of their families. Israel should make every effort to support the growth of a pro-Israel movement among these Muslims... [but sadly, Muslims in Israel were emotionally and morally defeated by the Oslo Accords.] They felt that Israel was selling them out to Arafat. They need to be supported and encouraged to speak out in defense of Israel without fear of being assassinated by the PLO or Hamas... Oslo signaled to many of us that Israel was ready to accept peace at any price, and make incredible concessions to ruthless criminals."

Arab-American Nonie Darwish has recently opened a website <"">. The site states, inter alia, "We are Arabs and Moslems who believe we can support the State of Israel and the Jewish religion and still treasure our Arab and Islamic culture."

Prof. Mohammed, in his interview with FrontPageMagazine, apportions at least partial blame for today's wars to the Muslims of the 7th century:
"[W]hen the Muslims entered that land [the Holy Land] in the seventh century, they were well aware of its rightful owners [the Jews], and when they failed to act according to divine mandate (at least as perceived by followers of all Abrahamic faiths), they aided and abetted in a crime. And the present situation shows the fruits of that action - wherein innocent Palestinians and Israelis are being killed on a daily basis."

"When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem," Prof. Mohammed continued, "it should have been left open for the rightful owners to return. It is possible that Jewish beliefs of the time only allowed such return under a Messiah - but that should not have influenced Muslim action... [The] Muslim occupation and building a mosque on the site of the Temple was something that was not sanctioned by The Quran. How honest is contemporary Islam with this? Given the situation in the Middle East, politicking, etc. stands in the way of honesty."

Prof. Mohammed says that Muslim groups have frequently denounced him because "I am out of line with the geo-political movement towards fundamentalism. What your readers must understand is that fundamentalism is rapidly becoming mainstream. Moderation is not. A perfect example is in Akbar Ahmed's "Islam Under Siege," where he points out that the Taliban are no longer a fringe group in Pakistan; many Pakistanis are finding themselves drawn to their teachings. Right here in the US, I present a problem to those at mosques who use social pressure to coerce others into accepting their extremism.. Many Muslims stand against me for no other reason than I say that Israel has a right to exist... I in no way deny that Palestinians have rights. But this is generally not considered by those that criticize my position..."