Hayil (Valor) Party Formed

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, | updated: 21:20

Former Kach activist Baruch Marzel announced the formation of the new Hayil (Valor) party, which intends to combat land giveaways to the Palestinian Authority and the destruction of Jewish communities in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza). Hayil opposes talks with the PA, and advocates the relocation of Arab villages from Jewish population centers to the east bank of the Jordan. Hayil, an Hebrew acronym for the Jewish National Front, has been approved by Israel’s party registrar.

At a press conference at the Agron Press Center in Jerusalem on Sunday, Marzel introduced the other co-founders of the party, Hen Ben-Eliyahu, a resident of the community of Eli and lecturer at the College of Judea and Samaria in the city of Ariel, and Dr. Andrei Weissman, a former security official from Netanya who immigrated to Israel from Brazil in 1982.

The three displayed the registration certificate of their new party issued by the Registrar of Political Parties. "The National Religious Party was the only party to submit an objection to the new party’s registration," party spokesman Itamar Ben-Gvir told Arutz-7, "but the objection was rejected, and the party was approved by the registrar on December 31st." A branch of the NRP, ‘Secular Jews for the NRP’, goes by the same three-letter acronym as the newly registered party.

Leaders of the fledgling party plan to convene a national committee and set up branches nationwide.

Dr. Weissman said he was a radical left-wing activist in Brazil. "I arrived in Israel, and to this day I serve in the IDF as a reservist," Weissman said. "I have five children and they are being offered no future. Israelis are confused by [those claiming to be on the] Right and the Left. We are all ready to accept any document and any accord. It is time that someone looked two generations forward - I want to be able to look at my children and tell them that the future is here and not in Canada."

"Following the failure of the Herut Party, we decided to search for a new way," Ben-Eliyahu told the press. "Hayil is not a right-wing party, it is a party of the center. The Likud has become the extreme Left, Labor the insane Left, and Meretz has crossed all lines, hurling rocks at our soldiers," said Ben-Eliyahu. He said the party represents a return to the original Zionism of 1948, when hostile Arab onslaughts were answered with transfer of Arab villagers to Jordan. "There are no other solutions for the Zionist enterprise. All solutions suggested by Likud and Labor will only lead to a continuation of the bloodshed," he said.

Asked about the future of the Moledet party (now a faction of the National Union party), with which Ben-Eliyahu was previously associated, he said that "Moledet died with the murder of Gandhi," referring to the late Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze'evi, who was murdered by terrorists in 2001.

Marzel, formerly number two on the list of the Herut party headed by Michael Kleiner, called upon fellow right-wing parties, including Tekuma and Moledet, and on the hareidi party Agudat Israel to join Hayil. He said that he seeks to form a coalition to ensure the immigration of two million Jews and the emigration of two million Arabs in the coming years, to create a balance of eight million Jews and two million Arabs in the Land of Israel.

Marzel said that the goal of the new party is not to receive just one or two Knesset seats, but to bring about revolutionary change in the State of Israel, "to take power and to steer the country in the way of Torah and the love of Israel."