Hevron Cemetery Desecrated Again


Hundreds of mourners at the funeral of long-time Kiryat Arba-Hevron resident Chaim Mageni today were shocked to find that the old Jewish cemetery in Hevron had been, yet again, badly desecrated over the weekend by Arab vandals. Mageni, 56, who passed away suddenly on Friday, is survived by his wife Shoshana, their ten children, and ten grandchildren. The couple moved to Hevron in 1968 and helped found Kiryat Arba, to where they moved, in 1971. He was a professional Land of Israel tour guide specializing in the Hevron area.

Gravestones in the cemetery were found to be smashed, large pieces of marble were scattered nearby, the gravesite of Menucha Rachel Slonim was desecrated, and the stone floor above the cemetery was smashed to pieces. A Hevron spokesman issued the following statement: \"If the Arab cemetery in Hevron had been desecrated by Jews, CNN, The New York Times, as well as the entire Israeli media would blare out how Jewish extremists had vandalized and desecrated, etc. Yet when Arabs, time and time again, destroy Jewish graves, no one pays any attention. In many European countries, guards are stationed at Jewish cemeteries in ensure their well-being. Yet in Hevron, the Israeli government and security forces see no reason to protect Jewish cemeteries from continued desecration... Hevron residents have offered to guard the cemetery, but the IDF refuses to grant permission...\" Photos of the desecration can be seen at \"www.hebron.org.il/pics/cemetdesc.htm\".