Incendiary balloons continue to land in Israel

Due to prompt police sapper response, no damage was caused.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Incendiary balloon
Incendiary balloon
Eshkol Regional Council

Two incendiary balloons were discovered on Tuesday afternoon within the Sedot Hanegev Regional Council area, both of which were attached to suspicious items.

Police sappers were called to the scene and dealt with the devices. Their investigations revealed that these were indeed incendiary balloons. No damage was caused, and no injuries were reported.

In an additional incident on the same afternoon, a sapper was alerted to deal with a balloon carrying an explosive substance that was discovered in an agricultural area in the Sedot Hanegev region.

A police statement noted that: “We wish to remind the general public that if anyone finds a suspicious object, it should be reported to the 100 hotline, and then left to the police and experts to be dealt with.”