Bolton: Biden could create a big problem for Israel

Trump's former advisor: The present Democratic party is very anti-Israel, this would have influence on a Democratic presidency

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John Bolton
John Bolton

John Bolton, who served at National Security Advisor under President Donald Trump, relates in his new book how Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, prevented Prime Minister Netanyahu from speaking with the president when Netanyahu wanted to convince him not to speak with the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Zarif. According to Bolton, Kushner pushed for a meeting but in the end it did not happen.

In an interview with the Makor Rishon newspaper, Bolton says that President Trump’s decisions on a variety of foreign policy subjects were not made for any reason other than how they would affect American politics at home.

“Sometimes I saw this strategy produce results as positive as I could have hoped. If Trump is re-elected, the fear from negative reactions from Republican members of Congress will no longer play a role in his decisions. I am worried and not sure who would adopt a harder line towards Iran, Biden or Trump.”

Regarding relations with Israel, Bolton forecasts a change after the elections no matter who is president. “If Biden is elected, the government will adopt a policy similar to Presdient Obama’s. This could create a big problem for Israel,” he warned. “The situation could be much worse than it was under Obama. We must be realistic. The present Democratic party is very anti-Israel and this would have a significant influence on a Democratic presidency.”

But Trump’s policy is also likely to change. “Israel needs to ask itself what Trump will do regarding Iran and how determined is he to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Jared Kushner’s activity in respect to the peace plan with the Palestinians is likely to be very influential. The application of sovereignty to the West Bank is just one example. There were many conversations on the subject but nothing happened and I am convinced that this is due to Kushner’s opposition. I know the calculations in Israel but I also know that he is against application of sovereignty and is even against President Trump’s supporting it should Israel go forward with extending it over the West Bank.”

Bolton was asked if Trump could change his position on application of sovereignty and replied: “The longer the list of those leaving the White House grows, the greater the influence of Kushner becomes. I do not know what Ambassdor to Israel David Friedman will do. He did outstanding work as ambassador for four years but they will likely replace him. I am not saying that Biden will be a better president for Israel. That’s impossible. But I think that a second Trump term would not look the same from Israel’s perspective.”