Captured terrorist was told to shoot down Israeli helicopter

Shabak receives info on Hamas from operative who tried infiltrating Israel from Gaza via the sea.

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CH-53 Yasur helicopter, file
CH-53 Yasur helicopter, file
Ofer Zidon/Flash90

The ISA (Shabak) has received valuable information on the Hamas terror organization, derived from its interrogation of a Hamas operative who attempted to infiltrate Israel from Gaza by swimming in from the sea.

He was caught by IDF forces and transferred to the ISA for questioning, and it then emerged that he was a senior member of Hamas' air defense organization.

As part of this job, he held an anti-aircraft missile in his home and was instructed to launch it at an Israeli helicopter if it landed near his home in Gaza, in order to kill or abduct Israeli soldiers.

The operative was indicted by the Beer Sheva District Court this morning for committing serious security offenses.