Itai Saban, 19, dies suddenly

Itai Saban, 19-year-old Golani soldier, dies suddenly while on leave

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Itai Saban
Itai Saban
Courtesy of the family

Itai Saban, a 19-year-old soldier in the IDF's Golani Brigade, died suddenly on Friday while at a pool party with his friends.

Saban, a resident of Kiryat Ata, was evacuated to the trauma center at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, while paramedics tried to revive him. Upon arrival at the hospital, however, staff were forced to declare his death, Rambam said in a statement.

The statement also said that initial estimates are that Saban suffered a heart attack. However, his parents have sent his body for an autopsy, to clarify the reason for his sudden death.

"We requested an autopsy in order to understand," said Saban's mother, Adi. "I am afraid that this will not leave me if I don't know what happened. We'll see if they find anything."

Saban joined the IDF in March of this year. His sister, 22-year-old Idan, said Itai was "the best kid in the world, in every way - he was the smartest, the most social, the most talented, the most handsome, the most beloved. Everywhere he went. If it was at home, he had a great connection with my parents and with me. I don't know any other brothers who are like him."

Amit, Saban's girlfriend, wrote, "I merited you - I merited to love you and to be loved by you, I merited to be with you and to live with you. You made all my dreams come true, you were the best boyfriend in the world. Rest in peace, our beloved. We are sure that one day we will meet and you will laugh about this with us, as only you know how."