Report warns: 'Israel's status quo will lead to 1,000 new cases daily, hundreds of deaths'

Rising number of coronavirus cases could mean 1,000 new cases daily by the end of the month - and many hundreds more deaths, report says.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus health worker (illustrative)
Coronavirus health worker (illustrative)

The Intelligence Department's Information and Knowledge Center on Saturday published a report discussing the spread of COVID-19 in Israel, warning that if Israel does not manage to control the spread, the country would have approximately 1,000 new cases each day, and hundreds of deaths.

According to the report, "the State of Israel is right now entering a second wave of coronavirus infections, which is different in its characteristics than the first wave, but which is no less serious."

"During the past few weeks, the number of new cases has consistently increased. In the week between May 15-21, the average number of new cases discovered each day was 16, and today we have a daily average of approximately 200 new cases.

"If some action is not taken and the current rise does not drop significantly (and remain in the range of 4-8% per day) - in another month the number of new cases each day will be above 1,000 and the total number of deaths will reach many hundreds."

The report also listed a number of steps which would ensure that the dire predictions do not become reality. These include rethinking the recent steps to reopen the economy, both in terms of their consequences for infection rates and in terms of the message they send the public; and significantly expanding both local and national coronavirus information campaigns, including focusing on specific efforts for the various sectors.